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Stravinsky, Takemitsu, and Birtwistle | AXIOM

Date, location, and tickets

Friday, November 1, 2019
at 7:30 PM

The Juilliard School
155 W. 65th St, Room 309
New York, NY 10023

Free Event

event image for Stravinsky, Takemitsu, and Birtwistle | AXIOM

Event Information

Jeffrey Milarsky, Conductor

Igor STRAVINSKY Three Pieces (1920)
STRAVINSKY Three Japanese Lyrics (1912-13)
Toru TAKEMITSU Archipelago S (1993)
STRAVINSKY Elegie (1944)
STRAVINSKY Pribaoutki (1914)
Harrison BIRTWISTLE Silbury Air (1977)

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Participants: The Juilliard School