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[Switch~ Ensemble] presents: Up Close (NYC)

Date, location, and tickets

Saturday, March 21, 2020
at 7:30 PM

The DiMenna Center for Classical Music
450 West 37th Street
New York, NY 10018


event image for [Switch~ Ensemble] presents: Up Close (NYC)

Event Information

We invite you to join the [Switch~ Ensemble] for an evening of new works, in our flagship concert of the Spring season. The centerpiece of our performance is a major new work by Katharina Rosenberger. Commissioned by [Switch~], Rosenberger’s Up Close is performed in the dark and scored for ensemble, amplification, and interactive lighting.

Advance tickets: $15 (adults) $10 (students/seniors). $20/15 at door.


Katharina Rosenberger: Up Close (World Premiere)

Cathy van Eck: Wings 

Dieter Ammann: CUTE

Jason Thorpe Buchanan: soliloquios del viento (US premiere)

David Clay Mettens: Into the empty sky (NYC premiere)


Following a year-long period collaborative development, [Switch~] is delighted to present the world premiere of Katharina Rosenberger’s Up Close for ensemble and interactive lighting. Rosenberger’s use of lighting and heavy amplification foregrounds the act of performance, drawing the audience into a wondrously detailed world of microscopic, previously unheard sounds. The performers, speakers, and lights are spatialized around the audience, immersing the listener in an experience that blurs the boundaries between performance and installation. [Switch~]’s commissioning of Rosenberger was supported by New Music USA and the Guggenheim Foundation.

Our exploration of physical space continues with Cathy van Eck’s Wings, which manipulates the resonant feedback frequencies of a room. Three performers’ movements with large sounding boards create a constantly evolving landscape of drones and pulsations. CUTE, by Dieter Ammann, showcases our flutist, Zach Sheets, and clarinetist, Madison Greenstone, in a work of radiant virtuosity and pale delicacy.

We also highlight two works by [Switch~] composers Jason Thorpe Buchanan and David Clay Mettens. Thorpe Buchanan’s soliloquios del viento, from 2016-17, superimposes a Neruda text upon itself with layers of rich, complex instrumental and electronic textures, performed here in its US premiere. Throughout Into the empty sky, Mettens’s subtle use of electronics generates uncanny instrumental mimicries, enabling the performers to adopt guises of other members of the ensemble. Mettens’ Into the empty sky was premiered in 2017.

These four works are distinctive extensions of Rosenberger’s. On the one hand, Ammann and Mettens: deeply knowledgeable and refined embodiments of instruments’ technical capabilities, harnessed for brilliant color and musical effect. On the other, van Eck’s and Thorpe Buchanan’s: a conception of acoustics, performance, and stagecraft that produce captivating, three-dimensional works unlike anything listeners commonly experience.

This performance is made possible thanks to the friendly support of the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, the Pro Helvetia Foundation, and New Music USA.

This event is supported by a grant from New Music USA.

Participants: the [Switch~ Ensemble]