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The Ambient Eye

Date, location, and tickets

Monday, April 20, 2020
at 8:00 PM Eastern

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Free Event

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Event Information

Live audio/ visual streaming performance hosted by DC Dogs (a virtual concert experience series) https://www.facebook.com/DCDogs/

The Ambient Eye is a multimedia collaboration between visual artist Monica Stroik and musician Doug Kallmeyer. Balancing improvisation and composition, visual and auditory techniques are implemented which utilize available technologies to enable a deeper integration of interdisciplinary medium.

Monica Stroik is a multimedia artist from the mid eastern United States. Disciplines include paint, silversmithing, ceramics, printmaking, textiles, encaustics, photography, live performance in voice and instrumentation, in physical as well as digital platforms (photo, video, animation, and video mapping technologies). After special studies programs (SACI, Florence Italy and SVA, New York City ) and graduating with an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2013, her work has been featured in local galleries, international embassies, and commissioned for private collections as well as large, institutional installations. Collaborations with other artists and musicians has resulted in projection work in The Kennedy Center for the arts as well as galleries and music venues throughout the eastern US.

In ‘The Ambient Eye’, Stroik utilizes electronics to integrate visual and auditory elements into large scale visual projections that spacious, etherial, multimedia arrangements in real time.

Born in Singapore, Douglas Kallmeyer is a musician, sound designer, and audio experimentalist whose attention to sonic detail has afforded him opportunities to work and tour internationally with notable artists including Blonde Redhead, Shellac, Phanotgram, Big Boi(Outkast), and many more. Where technology and artistic media meet has always been a central driving force, initially sparked by large scale bass amplification experiments and immersion in sound system culture where the mixing console is utilized as an instrument. As a performer, there is a plethora of projects based on further experimentation in collaborative efforts with a host of local dc area musicians, most recently with Brendan. Canty(Fugazi) in the group Super! Silver! Haze! and notably heading his mid- 2000’s proto-electronic group 302 acid (Emit records, UK).

In ‘The Ambient Eye’ Kallmeyer provides auditory drones, tones and textures by utilizing electronics to warp his odd-tuned basses far beyond the normal, recognizable parameters of the instruments’ design.                                           “The swelling, sustaining tones of Douglas Kallmeyer’s electric bass- sometimes bowed, sometimes plucked, always heavily treated- underpin most of these pieces. This unstinting flow of low frequency tones serves as a rich, loamy subsoil in which the rest of the music takes root. And it’s a finely calibrated dub sensibility that holds everything in place, a tuned understanding of when to drop the fader and let some space into the mix.” ~Chris Sharp, The Wire- Adventures in Modern Music

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Participants: Douglas Kallmeyer