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The Anagram Ensemble: I Looked at the Eclipse by James Ilgenfritz & Sarah Krasnow

Date, location, and tickets

Monday, December 9, 2019
at 8:00 PM

Roulette Intermedium
509 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217


event image for The Anagram Ensemble: I Looked at the Eclipse by James Ilgenfritz & Sarah Krasnow

Event Information

Composer James Ilgenfritz’s Anagram Ensemblepresents I Looked At The Eclipse—a new opera that blends video, theater, language games, free improvisation, and chamber music. The bilingual work is presented in French and English. Using a solar eclipse as a metaphor for a widespread epidemic of problematic human interactions that range from the mundane to predatory, the work is a surreal vision of self-regulation in a society obsessed with shifting culpability and consequence.

Anagram Ensemble also gives the World Premiere of Pittsburgh-based Colombian-American composer Federico Garcia De Castro’s Themuru, for two guitars, two percussionists, clarinet, saxophone, viola, cello, and bass. The title is itself a reference to Anagram—”Themuru” is the name given by the Ancient Greeks to the practice of finding hidden and mystical meaning in words by changing the order of the letters.

The evening begins with James Ilgenfritz’s In The Summer Every Truth Is Like A Saturday. Originally composed for and premiered by the Vienna-based studio Studio Dan, this slight re-orchestration finds Anagram Ensemble’s core performers mixing found objects, jazz-influenced improvisation, and chamber music precision to explore a permeable boundary between performative conceptual actions.

Adam Matlock – voice
Anaïs Maviel – voice
Anne Rhodes – voice
Megan Schubert – voice
Thomas Buckner – voice
Sarah Krasnow – voice
Pauline Kim Harris – violin
Stephanie Griffin – viola
Meaghan Burke – cello
James Ilgenfritz – bass
Margaret Lancaster – bassoon
Vasko Dukovsky – bass clarinet
Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon
Dan Blake – woodwinds
Jenn Baker – trombone
Chris Nappi – percussion
Brian Chase – percussion
Ty Citerman – guitar
James Moore – guitars
Yuri Zupancic – video
Stephanie Sleeper – Choreography
TBD – conductor

Founded by James Ilgenfritz in the early 2000s, The Anagram Ensemble integrates chamber music and jazz improvisation, while incorporating esoteric texts and concepts from the literary and philosophical worlds, as well as unorthodox traditions in the visual and performance art world.

Composer and bassist James Ilgenfritz, recognized in The New Yorker for his “characteristic magnanimity” and his “invaluable contributions to New York’s new-music community as a composer, improviser, collaborator, and organizer,” leads The Anagram Ensemble and performs regularly as a solo bassist. His trio Hypercolor (with Lukas Ligeti & Eyal Maoz) recently released their debut CD on John Zorn’s label Tzadik. James’s 2017 solo CD Origami Cosmos features works by Annie Gosfield, Miya Masaoka, Elliott Sharp, & JG Thirlwell, and his international jazz quartet MiND GAMeS released their second CD Ephemera Obscura on the Portuguese label Clean Feed in July 2017. In June 2018 James presented his second residency at John Zorn’s venue The Stone, now located at the New School’s Black Box Theater, featuring world premieres of Ilgenfritz compositions for the Momenta Quartet, flutist Margaret Lancaster, The New Thread Saxophone Quartet, and the Kathleen Supove/James Moore/Jennifer Choi trio, as well as works for solo contrabass by John King, Anthony Donofrio, and Lucie Vitkova. James has performed throughout the US, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, and Switzerland. 

Participants: Roulette Intermedium