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The Sofa Series: Experimentalists

Date, location, and tickets

Tuesday, May 26, 2020
at 7:00 PM Pacific

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event image for The Sofa Series: Experimentalists

Event Information

Virtual Gallery of works being created while sheltering in place by experimental musicians from around the globe.

Let’s go on a little journey and plumb the depths of our confinement. Along the way, you’ll come across objects that scream, whirr, sing, buzz, roar, pop, and bop. Soundscapes and landscapes will converge and diverge in bright hues. Wide open spaces will be contained in little viewing boxes, as a stark reminder that, no, you can’t go there. You can’t. Stay inside. Confront your demons. We’re all in this together.

Pay what you can, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to participating artists whose livelihoods have been drastically cut short during this time. The virtual gallery doors close at midnight on Thursday, May 28th!

Participants: PROJECT [BLANK]