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Unheard-of//Ensemble performs works by NY Women Composers, Inc.

Saturday, October 13, 2018
at 8:00 PM

Areté Venue and Gallery
67 West St
Brooklyn, NY 11222


Event Information

Unheard-of//Ensemble- Ford Fourqurean, clarinet, Matheus Souza, violin, So Sugiyama, cello, Daniel Anastasio, piano, Amber Evans, soprano, Francesca Ferrara, flute

Unheard-of//Ensemble performs works by members of the New York Women Composers, Inc., including Eleanor Aversa’s monumental Victory at Arnot and Marilyn Bliss’ Under the Azure Sky, as well as Flannery Cunningham’s Say-So supported by a New York Women Composers, Inc. seed grant featuring guests Amber Evans, soprano, and Francesca Ferrara, flute.