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Vibes and Harp: Cold Blue Music at Soundwaves

Date, location, and tickets

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
at 7:30 PM

Santa Monica Public Library, Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium, 601 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Free Event

event image for Vibes and Harp: Cold Blue Music at Soundwaves

Event Information

Cold Blue Music celebrates the recent release of recordings of Michael Byron’s vibraphone trio “Bridges of Pearl and Dust” and Robert Carl’s harp solo “Splectra” (http://coldbluemusic.com/new-releases/) with performances of both works, along with a performance of Peter Garland’s vibraphone solo “Basketweave Elegies” on the Soundwaves concert series in Santa Monica. Featured performers will be Alison Bjorkedal, Michael Jones, Kevin Good, and Katie Eikam.

“Bridges of Peal and Dust” is harmonically rich and rhythmically virtuosic. Byron writes that the piece “points toward a musical experience in the present tense; the burden of anticipation is lifted…” It will be performed by percussionists Kevin Good, Katie Eikam, and Michael Jones.

“Splectra,” an elegant two-movement harp solo embellished with subtle digital processing is both seductive and virtuosic. Each movement expands on a simple rising motive, becoming harmonically richer by adding pitches related to its opening note’s harmonic series. It will be performed by harpist Alison Bjorkedal.

“Basketweave Elegies” is a beautiful nine-part work about which Garland writes, “I want to write music that is well-made, sturdy, useful, and beautiful—like a basket. . . . I worked on composing this piece with the same determined focus as if I were weaving a basket.” It will be performed by Michael Jones.

For more details on this concert, please go to https://soundwavesnewmusic.com