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wasteLAnd – Mechanics

Date, location, and tickets

Friday, May 22, 2020
at 8:00 PM

Art Share LA
801 E 4th Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Free Event

event image for wasteLAnd – Mechanics

Event Information

wasteLAnd presents an evening of music inspired by ghosts in the machine. In works by John Cage and Alvin Lucier, drums driven by sound waves seem to play themselves. With microphones as mallets, rhythms emerge in the music of Robert Wannamaker beyond human control and comprehension. Kelley Sheehan’s Talk Circus creates a musical language from the glitch, feedback, and variability of electronic circuitry.

John Cage Variations II
Natacha Diels Strange Attractors
Alvin Lucier Music for Pure Waves, Bass Drums, and Acoustic Pendulums
Kelley Sheehan Talk Circus
Robert Wannamaker Phase Diagram

Parking is free in the lot across Hewitt St. from ArtshareLA