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Date, location, and tickets

Friday, September 13, 2019
at 7:00 PM

Oakland Technical High School Auditorium
4351 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611


event image for Watershed

Event Information

Watershed – new music for the Incendiary Cycle featuring poetry by Juan Delgado, Emily Kim, Imani Love and Stephen Meadows.
Ted Allen, composer, keyboard
Zack Pitt-Smith, tenor sax, clarinet
Sean Michael Norris, tenor sax, flute
Daniel Andrade, trombone
Mara Fox, trombone
Isaac Schwartz, drums

Watershed is made possible through the Musical Grant Program, which is administered by InterMusic SF, and supported by the Heller Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and San Francisco Grants for the Arts.


Participants: Ted Allen