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WE THE PEOPLE – Mallarme Chamber Players

Date, location, and tickets

Thursday, November 8, 2018
at 7:30 PM

Durham Arts Council - PSI Theater
120 Morris St
Durham, NC 27701


event image for WE THE PEOPLE – Mallarme Chamber Players

Event Information

Nov 6 – Get out and vote!
Nov 8 – We the People!

Mallarme and partners Blue Mountain/Forecast express their musical First Amendment in a provocative concert of pieces from the 1970s to the present, including the winning work from Forecast’s 2018 International Call for Scores competition. Works include Fredrick Rzewski’s protest work Coming Together; Eric Schwartz’s politically charged response to 9/11; We the People and Carl Schimmel’s Alarums and Excursions.

The Keys by Mark Engebretson (entire ensemble)

We The People by Eric Schwartz for piano and percussion

Alarums and Excursions by Carl Schimmel for bassoon and piano (Forecast Call Winner 2018)

Jacana by Andrew Sigler for violin and percussion (Mallarme Prize Winner)

Coming Together by Frederic Rzewski (entire ensemble)

Blue Mountain Forecast

John R. Beck, percussion
Michael Burns, bassoon
Jacqui Carrasco, violin
Carla Copeland Burns, flute
James Douglass, piano
Susan Fancher, saxophone
Eric Schwartz, composer/narrator
Carl Schimmel, composer
Andrew Sigler, composer

Tickets: $25 general admission/ $5 student and children at the door