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Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Luminous Etudes: Visions of the Black Madonna of Montserrat

Vibro-acoustic etudes for piano, voice, electronics, images, by composer Pamela Madsen, with pianists Kathleen Supové and Eleonor Sandresky

Created By: Pamela Madsen
Project Type: Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Small Ensemble or Solo

May is a HUGE month in new music, and our awardees are no exception! Here are just a sampling of all of the incredible new music projects that we've had the privilege of supporting

Take a look at some of our featured projects with May updates here, or, as always, find your own favorites.

NHSO Artist Residency: Chris Brubeck

An innovative and relevant artist residency in the schools and communities of Greater New Haven with jazz visionary Chris Brubeck.

Created By: New Haven Symphony Orchestra
Project Type: Interdisciplinary, Jazz, Large Ensemble, Small Ensemble or Solo

2015 Ojai Music Festival

5 days, 40 events, 9 venues, 100+ musicians and 31 composers. An involving, fun, fresh and theatrical immersion in new music.

Created By: Ojai Music Festival
Project Type: Interdisciplinary

Punching The Clock

A chamber concerto for piano, entitled “Punching the Clock”, based on working songs from around the world.

Created By: Randall Woolf
Project Type: Electronics, Small Ensemble or Solo

Water, Water, Everywhere

Youth Music Extravaganza

Created By: Youth Orchestras of Fresno
Project Type: Large Ensemble

Music From China’s 30th Anniversary and Beyond

Commission Eric Moe to compose a work of cross cultural synthesis for Music From China's 30th anniversary season celebration in NYC and DC.

Created By: Music From China
Project Type: Small Ensemble or Solo

"A Love Like That"- A New Work for Cantus and High School Choir

To provide high school choirs the chance to sing music written directly for them, a new work for Cantus and choir by Elizabeth Alexander.

Created By: Cantus
Project Type: Small Ensemble or Solo

Branches: So Percussion performances and residency at the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College

“NYC experimental powerhouse” So Percussion spends a year in residence at the Fisher Center for new music creation, education, & performance

Created By: Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College
Project Type: Interdisciplinary, Small Ensemble or Solo

The Brain Piece

The Brain Piece is a choreographed experience bridging art and science.

Created By: Jody Oberfelder Projects
Project Type: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Theater

End of the World

An immersive experience where audiences follow a typical 1970s family as they encounter the inhabitants of a carnivalesque tourist town.

Created By: Third Rail Projects
Project Type: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Theater