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Featured Projects

The Grey Land

A music drama that explores themes of acceptance and identity through the intractable issues of race, class, and power in American society.

Created By: Joseph Phillips
Project Type: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Large Ensemble, Theater

From orchestral music and dance to jazz and theater, sample all of the incredible projects supported through project grants. Follow your favorite projects to receive updates as they unfold.


Augusta Read Thomas, Third Coast Percussion and the Chicago Philharmonic collaborate on a new work for percussion quartet and orchestra

Created By: The Chicago Philharmonic Society
Project Type: Large Ensemble, Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

Cello Solos Today

A collection of new solo works for cello, written for intermediate cellists by many of today’s leading composers

Created By: Chris Gross
Project Type: Small Ensemble or Solo

Open Source: the wulf.’s electronic music series

Demonstrating the genesis and trajectory of music using technologies in novel and innovative ways.

Created By: the wulf.
Project Type: Electronics, Interdisciplinary


A collaboration between the JACK Quartet and the Lightbulb Ensemble combining new music, new instruments, and American gamelan.

Created By: Brian Baumbusch
Project Type: Large Ensemble


The Empire State Youth Orchestra commissions a new work, and explores reciprocity and community with the Fireworks Ensemble.

Created By: Empire State Youth Orchestras
Project Type: Jazz, Large Ensemble, Small Ensemble or Solo

Quo Vadis: A New Composition for Old Instruments

Three Notch’d Road has commissioned a new work for period instruments and voices by composer Mark Nowakowski based on the Quo Vadis legend.

Created By: Three Notch'd Road: The Charlottesville Baroque Ensemble
Project Type: Small Ensemble or Solo

Trance-figured Night with Dal Niente and Murat Çolak

A collaboration between Ensemble Dal Niente and the Boston-based Turkish composer Murat Çolak on a new piece for ensemble and electronics

Created By: Murat Çolak
Project Type: Electronics, Small Ensemble or Solo

Brooklyn ReZound

An investigative jazz musical that examines the experience of displacement - and aspirations for the future - in Brooklyn and the nation

Created By: Daria Faïn
Project Type: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Jazz, Large Ensemble, Theater

The Lost String Quartet

A New Theatrical String Quartet for Children

Created By: Stephanie Griffin
Project Type: Interdisciplinary, Small Ensemble or Solo, Theater