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Featured Projects


In Resist/Surrender, Risa Jaroslow peels back the veneer of our culture's assumptions about masculinity, exposing an explosive physicality.

Created By: Risa Jaroslow & Dancers
Project Type: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Small Ensemble or Solo

Here is a sampling of all of the incredible new music projects that we have the privilege of supporting over the past couple of years. Be sure to follow your favorite projects to receive updates as they unfold.

The Gaita and Orchestra Commissioning Project

The GAITA (Galician Bagpipe) doesn't have YET a broad repertory for Gaita and Orchestra. My challenge: new commissions to make history.

Created By: Cristina Pato
Project Type: Large Ensemble, Recording

The Immersive Early Music of Joan La Barbara

The Immersive Early Music of Joan LaBarbara is a DVD of restored vintage recordings from 1976 – 1981 that will be released on MODE Records

Created By: Harvestworks
Project Type: Electronics, Recording

Alternative Guitar Summit

A yearly festival featuring new and unusual approaches to the guitar

Created By: joel harrison
Project Type: Jazz, Small Ensemble or Solo

Same Animal, Different Cages

A yearlong "home field recording" project during which time I will tag and track the monthly migration patterns of my ritual muse gone wild.

Created By: David First
Project Type: Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

A Debut CD: The Music of Eric Nathan

A debut CD of Eric Nathan’s chamber music on Albany Records, featuring premiere recordings performed by the Momenta Quartet and guests

Created By: Eric Nathan
Project Type: Recording

Wild Rumpus: In Time

A new album of works commissioned by Wild Rumpus, featuring Jen Wang, Dan VanHassel, Joshua Carro, and Per Bloland.

Created By: Wild Rumpus
Project Type: Electronics, Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

The Brain Piece

The Brain Piece is a choreographed experience bridging art and science.

Created By: Jody Oberfelder Projects
Project Type: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Theater


New works for an ensemble of cars, trucks, and pedicabs, created in a series of community workshops and performed in a parking lot.

Created By: Steve Parker
Project Type: Interdisciplinary, Large Ensemble, Small Ensemble or Solo

Sonambient Pavilion

The "Sonambient Pavilion" installation transmits and manipulates Harry Bertoia's sound sculptures into 50 loudspeakers at Millennium Park.

Created By: Experimental Sound Studio
Project Type: Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Small Ensemble or Solo