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Featured Projects

Featured Projects

2015 Ojai Music Festival

5 days, 40 events, 9 venues, 100+ musicians and 31 composers. An involving, fun, fresh and theatrical immersion in new music.

Created By: Ojai Music Festival

March is a HUGE month in new music, and our awardees are no exception! Here are just a sampling of all of the incredible new music projects taking place in the weeks ahead that we've had the privilege of supporting

Take a look at some of our featured projects with March performances here, or, as always, find your own favorites.

The Brain Piece

The Brain Piece is a choreographed experience bridging art and science.

Created By: Jody Oberfelder Projects
Project Type: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Theater

"A Love Like That"- A New Work for Cantus and High School Choir

To provide high school choirs the chance to sing music written directly for them, a new work for Cantus and choir by Elizabeth Alexander.

Created By: Cantus
Project Type: Small Ensemble or Solo

Memory Rings

An evocative theater work exploring humanity's relationship to ecology from the perspective of the world's oldest living tree.

Created By: Phantom Limb Company
Project Type: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Recording, Theater

Walk to the Beat

Walk to the Beat, a World Percussive Music and Dance Festival

Created By: Anna de la Paz
Project Type: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Jazz, Large Ensemble, Small Ensemble or Solo, Theater


The fabric of jazz, the threads of inheritance, and the struggle of freedom.

Created By: Company Stefanie Batten Bland
Project Type: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Jazz


Music for a large ensemble based on the processes, functions and rhythms of the human body, utilizing diverse instrumental combinations.

Created By: Steve Coleman
Project Type: Jazz, Large Ensemble, Recording

Commission: On the Mutability of Time

a new work for saxophonist Jeffery Kyle Hutchins w/piano

Created By: Jeremy Wagner
Project Type: Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

Music in their Words

New chamber works incorporate the recorded voices of important 20th Century composers. Performances and history lessons for all.

Created By: Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble
Project Type: Small Ensemble or Solo

KcEMA Happy Hour

A new music Happy Hour, bringing together a diverse group of artists, entrepreneurs, and downtown office people.

Created By: Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance
Project Type: Electronics, Small Ensemble or Solo