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Featured Projects

Ken Ueno: Throat-singing, orchestra, and a new work

A residency featuring Ken Ueno's concerto for overtone singer, and the premiere of a new work

Created By: Alia Musica Pittsburgh
Project Type: Small Ensemble or Solo

From orchestral music and dance to jazz and theater, sample all of the incredible projects supported through project grants. Follow your favorite projects to receive updates as they unfold.


PRISM Quartet, So Percussion, and Partch Commission, Premiere, and Record New Works by Ken Ueno, Stratis Minakakis, and Steven Mackey

Created By: PRISM Quartet, Inc.
Project Type: Large Ensemble, Recording

The Gaita and Orchestra Commissioning Project

The GAITA (Galician Bagpipe) doesn't have YET a broad repertory for Gaita and Orchestra. My challenge: new commissions to make history.

Created By: Cristina Pato
Project Type: Large Ensemble, Recording

The Click! Commission: Hannah Lash

Colorado Music Festival's innovative audience-sourced initiative to seek out new cutting-edge orchestral compositions

Created By: Colorado Music Festival
Project Type: Large Ensemble, Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

Supporting Student Composers

Music-COMP connects students and professional composers online to help them develop their works for concert performance.

Created By: Music-COMP (Music Composition Online Mentoring Program)
Project Type: Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

Newark in Tune

Newark in Tune, a collaborative song for Newark, by Newark

Created By: Spencer Frohwirth
Project Type: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Recording

Organon Novus: Contemporary Organ Works by American Masters

25 Years, 25 American composers, 25 Compositions shattering conventions of organ music and paving the future for the "King of Instruments"

Created By: Randall Harlow
Project Type: Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

The Magnetosphere

A Piece for "Singing" Metal Objects

Created By: Matthew Steinke
Project Type: Electronics


An outdoor sound installation that uses hyper-directional speakers to engage the public in a new relationship with sound and time.

Created By: Lee Weisert
Project Type: Electronics, Interdisciplinary

After The Feast

After The Feast is a collaborative project, joining choreographer Tiffany Mills and composer Jonathan Melville Pratt, premiering at La MaMa.

Created By: Tiffany Mills
Project Type: Dance, Electronics