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Trimpin and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra

Trimpin and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra

Trimpin and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra

Composer and breathtaking sound-installation artist Gerhard Trimpin, commonly known as Trimpin, is the Music Alive composer-in-residence with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra for a new musical commission and site-specific installation in the Benaroya Hall Grand Lobby. As a Seattle resident and avid contributor to the varied and thriving creative landscape of the city, Trimpin sparks curiosity and awe through his seemingly impossible structures and the sounds they generate:

February 03, 2016

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May 01, 2015

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April 30, 2015

The Seattle Times | Trimpin: ‘The Genius Everybody In Seattle Ought to Know’

“He’s a big kid, and I think it’s infectious. … When people ask me to describe him, I just say […]

April 29, 2015


Right now, sound-sculptor, composer, MacArthur genius, and inventor Trimpin is gearing up for the premiere of his newest work, Above, […]

April 28, 2015

Music Alive Premieres & Performances Around the Country

This month the orchestral world is alive and buzzing with new music around the United States, and our Music Alive […]