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Falcon Heights, MN         

113, a collection of composers and performers of new music, curates concerts, seminars, and master classes throughout the Twin Cities. Through ambitious programming, community building, educational outreach, and emphasis on extensive interaction between composers and performers that greatly exceeds the industry standard, 113 provides a platform for musicians pursuing bold, personalized artistic visions, and helps them to transmit those visions as directly and honestly as possible to a receptive audience, unfettered by university politics, market pressures, or established conventions.

Since its inception in 2012, 113 has presented over sixty world premieres and worked with composers and performers such as Richard Barrett, Anthony Cheung, Chaya Czernowin, James Dillon, Julio Estrada, Brian FerneyhoughMichael Pisaro, Collect/Project, Duo Gelland, Ensemble Dal Niente, Fonema Consort, The Gregorian SingersMarcelo Rilla, Bill Solomon, Strains New Music Ensemble, Milana Zaric and dozens of local musicians of the highest caliber.

Our 2019-2020 season programming includes the Twin Cities New Music Festival, and concerts of new music, residencies, and opera screenings by internationally-acclaimed composers and musicians including Steven Takasui, Mauricio Kagel, György Kurtág, Dieter Schnebel, Anthony R. Green, Bethany Younge, Joe Horton, Acute Trio, Chartreuse Trio, Bent Duo, Quince Ensemble, Justin Anthony Spenner, Adam Zahller, Kyle Hutchins, Ben Melsky, Nanyi Qiang, Shannon Wettstein, Nina Dante, among others.

Board of Directors:

Joey Crane, Executive Director
Michael Duffy, President
Justin Spenner, Vice President
Joshua Musikantow, Secretary
Benjamin J. Mansavage Klein, Treasurer
Alyssa Anderson
Heather Barringer
James DeVoll
Ann Millikan
Joshua Clausen
Nanyi Neil Qiang
Shannon Wettstein-Sadler


Colin Holter, Managing Editor (Publishing Division)
Jeffery Kyle Hutchins, Communication Chair
Benjamin J. Mansavage Klein, Finance Chair, Studio113 Chair
Sam Krahn
Joshua Musikantow, Development Chair
Tiffany M. Skidmore, Artistic Director
Joey Crane, Executive Director

Advisory Committee:

Anthony Cheung
James Dillon
Cecilia Gelland
Martin Gelland
Sumanth Gopinath
Billy Lackey
Patrick Marschke
Scott L. Miller
Ted Moore
Bill Solomon
Schuyler Tsuda
Jeremy Wagner
Adam Zahller

113 Compilation Video

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Joey Crane – YOM

Adam Zahller, voice

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Helmut Lachenmann – Tema (excerpt)

Nina Dante, voice
James DeVoll, flute
Rebeccah Parker Downs, cello

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