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Dallas, TX         

Aa’kosya (pronounced uh-ko-see-uh), in Ghanaian culture is the name given for birth on Sunday. She is the youngest of 3 children born in Fort Worth, Texas. AA’kosya’s mother kept a modest home and is a devote Christian who kept her and her two (2) siblings in church. From the age of three (3) Aa’kosya quickly realized she is very passionate about singing and from there her musical talents began to flourish. At age nine (9), she started performing in church and school activities. Aa’kosya has been working to become an accomplished entertainer since her early teenage years. She has always loved to sing and early on her love for music and the urge to perform grew stronger. She was a member of different groups through her teenage years, but with dreams come disappointments, and she was faced with the prospect of becoming a solo artist.

Working as a solo artist for the first time was a blessing in disguise. Aa’kosya was required to create her own sound and the result was an eye opening and creative renaissance for her career. Aa’kosya has done numerous features on tracks with artists such as Hotboy Star, James IV & Young Cody; just to name a few. She was free to write, produce and create the artist that has become Aa’kosya.

 2008 was a fresh beginning for Aa’kosya. Feet to the pavement, Aa’kosya set out to ensure that her voice was heard. She completed her first solo Ep entitled “Out tha Blu”, which sold on iTunes, ring tone downloads on Mxyer, and the reviews on social cites where amazing!  Though successful in her new solo career, we are all familiar with how life can intervene; yet again forcing Aa’kosya Music to take a detour.

Back and better than before, Aa’kosya promises to display the pride and determination that she has for music, her Ghanaian culture, American roots and the fact that she is a young independent woman, in the music that she creates for the world. She feels that you can be strong, sexy and independent without succumbing to the stereo typical Hip-Hop or pop perspectives that the media loves to exploit. Aa’kosya’s most recent work is on her latest single titled "Who" which will also be on her 2014 debut EP due to be released Summer of 2014. Her powerful voice and genuine lyrics is a breath of fresh air for the proud American/Ghanaian songstress. Look for Aa’kosya to create music that she hopes everyone will enjoy. 



“Who” is obsessively, overwhelmingly, uncontrolled love. You never want to be apart from the person you love, no matter what may come. “Who” embraces those feelings we all want or yearn to feel. The song allows you to get lost in your imagination, no matter who you are. Who speaks LOVE!

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