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Aaron Jay Myers

Boston, MA      

A native of Baltimore, MD, Aaron Jay Myers is a Boston based composer, guitarist, and teacher. His works have been performed across the United States by many performers, and he has been commissioned by Semiosis Quartet, Transient Canvas, Diagenesis Duo, Modern Brass, Open Theatre Project, Chamber Cartel, Fourth Wall Ensemble, Soundry, The Governor’s School Orchestra, Sharan Leventhal, Emma Resmini, NakedEye Ensemble, NorthStar Duo, Box Not Found, L+M Duo, Chaz Aguado, Stephanie Lamprea, Peridot Duo, and others. He is currently Managing Director for Equilibrium, and as a founding member also served as its Executive Director from 2015-2018. He also served as Music Director for Second Sunday Concert Series from October, 2017 through December, 2018. As a guitarist, he has performed many different kinds of music in solo and group situations over the past twenty-five years including hardcore punk, Early Music, contemporary music, classical, flamenco, jazz, and free improvisation. He has been giving private guitar and theory lessons since 2002.

Myers holds BM and MM in Composition degrees from Towson University and The Boston Conservatory. His primary guitar teachers have been Maurice Arenas and Troy King. His primary composition teachers have been Dave Ballou, William Kleinsasser, Jan Swafford, and Marti Epstein. He has had additional composition studies with Nicholas Vines and Roger Reynolds.

Late Night Banter

When three or more people are at a loud bar or party late at night and have already had a few drinks, the conversation topics often change suddenly and people tend to interrupt each other frequently. Individuals will also bring up earlier topics that were interrupted and the cycle continues. Especially at parties, another element of sudden change is the possibility to move in and out of different conversations with different groups of people very quickly. As people become more tired and intoxicated as the night progresses, conversation becomes

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For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky

For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky is taken from Episode 8, Season 3 of the original Star Trek series. In the episode, the Enterprise comes upon what looks like an asteroid, but turns out too be a large hollow vessel designed to house its inhabitants as it travels through space, who genuinely think that they are living on a planet. A computer has malfunctioned and controls the population under the guise of a spiritual entity who punishes those who disobey by causing pain, and often death, through an electronic chip that has been

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Lichens I

flute – premiered by Emma Resmini at Curtis Institute of Music on 11/9/16

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