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Andrew Boscardin

Seattle, WA         

“If you’re familiar with Gil Evans doing Hendrix, Danish band leader Pierre Dørge, Vancouver’s Hard Rubber Orchestra or Trevor Watts Moiré Music, you know this kind of genre-crunching little-big band territory.” Paul de Barros, Seattle Times.

Composer and guitarist Andrew Boscardin has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. He is the bandleader for the 12-piece ensemble Zubatto Syndicate, which performs his amalgamation of jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop and new music. Zubatto’s two recordings (2011 and 2015) have been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and Fresh Air, WNYC’s New Sounds, and Nextbop, and have been downloaded or purchased in 27 countries, by thousands of listeners. 

Zubatto Syndicate has been called “an utterly contemporary jazz big band. In fact, they’re so modern – they might as well be from the future” (Bandcamp)  and “a big band unafraid to foray into the modern pop idiom” (Seattle Times).  Zubatto’s 2009 debut performance was called “Big Band the way you’ve never heard it before” (Seattle Magazine). Of their debut recording, the  Utne Reader Music Sampler wrote “Big-band music hasn’t sounded this hip or vital in decades.” 

In addition to his work as a bandleader, Boscardin has contributed music for dance, stage, and film, both as a composer and performer, and has released an album of pop songs titled “Supersonic Parachute,” with singer-songer Whitney Lyman.  His chamber music has been performed by Transient Canvas, members of Bang on a Can All-Stars, Seattle Chamber Players, the Microscore Project, and the Gravitas Quartet. He has been the recipient of  a 2008 smART venture award and  a 2009 CityArts award from the City of Seattle, a CAP Recording Grant from the American Music Center, and a 2012 Individual Artist Project from 4Culture for the composition and presentation of music for Zubatto Syndicate.

He is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Cornish College of the Arts, and Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Skull Island Sarabande – Zubatto Syndicate

Performed by Beth Fleenor — clarinet, Eric Peters — drums, David Marriott, Jr. — trombone, Chris Credit — bass clarinet, Tobi Stone — Tenor saxophone, Coltan Foster and Francine Peterson — bassoons, Jim Sisko — trumpet, Janet Putnam — oboe, Tim Carey — bass, Tim Kennedy and Mack Grout — keys, Steve Tressler — alto saxophone, Jim DeJoie — baritone saxophone and Andrew Boscardin — guitar.

Featuring solos by Mack Grout and David Marriot.

Written and arranged by Andrew Boscardin in 2014. Recorded and mixed by Adam Burd at Avast! Seattle, WA.

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Eridania (for bass clarinet and marimba) – performed by Transient Canvas

Transient Canvas: Amy Advocat – bass clarinet Matt Sharrock – marimba. Performed at Vermont College of Fine Arts, Sunday, August 6, 2017. Recorded by Colin McCafferty. Mixed by Adam Burd.

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Saturn 9 – Zubatto Syndicate

Performed by Byron Vannoy – drums, Mark Taylor – alto saxophone, Greg Sinibaldi – bass clarinet and tenor saxophone, Francine Peterson – bassoon, Chad McCullough – trumpet, David Marriott, Jr. – trombone, Janet Putnam – oboe and English horn, Mack Grout – keys, Jim DeJoie – baritone saxophone, Tim Carey – bass, Jesse Canterbury – clarinet, Andrew Boscardin – guitar

Featuring solos by Jesse Canterbury and Mack Grout.

Written and arranged by Andrew Boscardin. Recorded and mixed by Adam Burd at Avast! Seattle, WA.

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