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Adrianna Mateo

New York, NY         

Regarded as a lyrical, powerful, and emotionally raw performer, ADRIANNA MATEO has performed as a solo violinist at the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in collaboration with its first Artist-In-Residence DJ Spooky, and on tour in Europe. She has also performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. Ms. Mateo will be performing a violin and electronics piece written for her by Molly Joyce at the Bang On A Can Summer Marathon (June 2014).

In the last nine months, Ms. Mateo has merged her roles as violinist and singer-songwriter for well-received performances at the Living Room, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, and in the Philippines and South Africa.

It’s been an active year-and-a-half for Ms. Mateo: in addition to these performances, she was interviewed by the TimesLedger’s QGuide for its front cover, with additional features by Chinese and Italian press; recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer David Starobin as a member of the Mimesis Ensemble Orchestra; developed and internationally toured new works for her ongoing composer collaboration project, {NUE|LUSH}, and graduated from the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College (B.Mus/French minor, May ’13) with additional studies at Fontainebleau Conservatoire Américain, Hunter College, and NYU (Clive Davis).

Ms. Mateo is currently studying guitar. She’s dreaming of the day she gets to run around singing and playing electric on stage.

Although Ms. Mateo doesn’t have a website (yet!), you can stay connected with her on Facebook or through other social media (Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Google+, or Tumblr).

Adrianna Mateo © March 2014

We Have Less Time Than You Think

For violin and electronics; written by Howard Kenty for Adrianna Mateo (2013). All of the electronic elements in this piece were generated using only violin and vocal samples. This piece placed first in the 2013 Shanghai Electronic Music Week Call-for-Works competition.

From the composer: “We Have Less Time Than You Think” deals with the fact that we humans do not really have long. Time passes fluidly and easily escaping attempts to stop or slow its flow, with certain events standing out in hindsight as demarcations of structural points.

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Summer Fruit – Vocal Original (demo)

First vocal recording. This sounds pretty classical here, but I’m working on electric guitar so I can perform this true to the original sound in my head, à la “Lilac Wine.”

Written between periods of deep sleep, I wrote this song a few lines at a time, trying to grasp descending into alpha – the state of flow, creative pocket, ecstasy, meditation, and a lot of other awesome things that intersect in your brain…

Lyrics, music, vocals, and piano: Adrianna Mateo
Sound engineering, mixing: George Dikun

Adrianna Mateo © 2014

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The Abandoned Valley (excerpt)

For solo violin (scordatura); written by Ryan Homsey for Adrianna Mateo (2012).

Based on a poem of the same title by Jack Gilbert, this piece was written for Adrianna Mateo and the {NUE|LUSH} composer collaboration project. Ms. Mateo toured this piece in Europe; most recently, she performed it at the American Museum of Natural History in Spring 2013.

The full piece can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/adriannamateo/the-abandoned-valley

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