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Aiale Productions

NJ, NY         

AIALE PRODUCTIONS offers the finest corporate & wedding entertainment services, specializing in unique soloists, ensembles, DJs & dance bands. Showcasing a  wide repertoire (from Latin Jazz, traditional Cuban music, New York Salsa & more), AIALE PRODUCTIONS provide the best Latin ensembles in NYC for any kind of event. AIALE PRODUCTIONS provide professional entertainment (soloists, duos, trios, quartets, quintets or full bands of various sizes) for a range of events, specializing in percussion. AIALE PRODUCTIONS play with a passion that connects with audiences from all walks of life.

AIALE PRODUCTIONS is headed up by the renowned percussive artists, Ivan Llanes and Tainnã Chagas. AIALE PRODUCTIONS have performed a variety of rich percussive styles all over the world, collaborating with numerous famous musicians. AIALE PRODUCTIONS’ experienced team play a variety of instruments (including keyboard, drum kit, congas, cajon, bongos, claves, triangle, drumsticks, body percussion, pandeiro and tambourine, amongst others). 

As well as corporate & wedding entertainment services, AIALE PRODUCTIONS also provide a variety of high-quality percussion workshops and performances for schools, colleges and universities. All of our instructors have extensive experience working in a variety of public and private educational and work-based settings. 

Ivan Llanes & The Cuban Way perform ‘La Mejor Mujer’ (Original)

Ivan Llanes & The Cuban Way performs ‘La Mejor Mujer’ for congahead.com. Llanes wrote this track as a reflection of what music means to him. With over 42,000 views on this video alone, this song has been warmly received wherever it has been performed.

Lyrics, Music, and Arranged by Ivan Llanes, Ariacne Trujillo, Yosmel Montejo.

Ivan Llanes: Band leader / Vocal / Drums / Timbale
Ariacne Trujillo: Piano / Vocal
Yosmel Montejo: Bass / Vocal
Miguel Valdéz: Percussion
Richard Padrón: Electric Guitar

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Ivan Llanes, Aiale Productions – Ella (Original)

Original song written by Ivan Llanes dedicated to all mothers worldwide. Llanes wrote this track as he was inspired by his mother’s unconditional love. Inspired by “Nora Montejo Borrero, Ivan Llanes gives his thanks to all the musicians who collaborated in the production of this material, especially to Mau Quiros.

Canción dedicada a todas las madres del mundo. Mis agradecimientos a todos los músicos que colaboraron en la producción de este material.

Lyrics, Music and Arrangement by Ivan Llanes, Aiale Productions.

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Ivan Llanes, Aiale Productions & The Cuban Way performs ‘Soy Yo’ (Original)

This Cuban/Latin jazz track centres around how we decide & shape the future of our lives. “Life is an opportunity to be happy. Discover who you are, uncover your dreams & decide to pursue them, live intensely & believe you will triumph! Whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve.” Llanes dedicated this song to his mother, Nora Montejo Borrero, who taught him how to truly appreciate life.

Ivan Llanes: Band leader/Lead Vocal/Drums/Timbale
Yosmel Montejo: Bass/Vox
Ariacne Trujillo: Piano/Vox
Luis Faife: Alto sax
Ismel Wignall: Conga/Vox

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