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Amino Belyamani

Brooklyn, NY   

Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, Amino Belyamani began playing the piano by the age of six. Throughout his childhood and adolescence, he participated in many national and international piano competitions and received several awards and first prizes from renowned international pianists such as France Clidat. Before even graduating from high school, he had acted the lead role in a short movie directed by Lahcen Zinoun entitled Le Piano, where he performed as the lead piano player with Morocco’s national philharmonic orchestra. After a couple of years spent in France, Belyamani left for the United States to absorb improvisational musical forms at the California Institute of the Arts.


Amino is a founding member of AXIS TRIO and DAWN OF MIDI wherein he composes, performs, and records original music. Axis Trio’s second album, Anthem, which was entirely composed by Amino, was voted 4th greatest jazz album of 2010 by Jazzit Magazine. Dawn of Midi released their debut album, First, in 2010 and was praised by the international press. Dawn of Midi received a CMA grant in 2011 to perform a multi-media concert called Kashmir, which was premiered in Porto, Portugal in November 2011. Dawn of Midi released their second album Dysnomia on August 6th, 2013 on Thirsty Ear Recordings and within a few weeks, made it to the top 10 best albums on both billboard and iTunes charts. Dysnomia is now licensed to UK label Erased Tapes and Dawn of Midi continue to tour across the globe.


Belyamani released a project in 2011 of completely original material with a new band called SSAHHA, which incorporates microtonal pianos using North African and Middle Eastern tuning systems. Amino was interviewed on POPMATTERS and PRI’s THE WORLD about this new project and has been getting radio play all over the world.


As well as being a pianist, Amino sings and plays traditional Moroccan folk percussion in the New York based gnawa group INNOV GNAWA, and plays Ghanaian lead drum in an Ewe ensemble called BEDSTUY EWE. He has also composed music for both instrumental and electro-acoustic traditions. Amino has recorded original compositions on four consecutive jazz compilations at the prestigious Capitol Records under the EMI record label.


Amino’s music reflects the diversity of his interests, which usually translates into a blend of complex african rhythms, arabic melodies, western classical music, and jazz.


Amino has performed with Albert “Tootie” heath, Joe La Barbera, Darek Oles, Vinny Golia, Alfred Ladzekpo, Houman Pourmehdi, Hamid el Kasri, Brahim Fribgane, Hassan Hakmoun, Dimi Mint Abba, Charlie Haden and many others. Amino is currently living in Brooklyn, New York.

Dawn of Midi – Live Excerpt from Le Poisson Rouge

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SSAHHA – Live Excerpt from MUCEM – Marseille, France

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