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Anne Hege

Kensington, CA      

Born in Oakland, CA, Dr. Anne Katherine Hege began her musical studies singing with the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir and the Oakland Youth Chorus. Her work with innovators such as Keith Terry and Linda Tillery in the early 1990s inspired her interest in body-centered performance, multimedia, and composition. She has spent the last 20 years conducting, singing, composing, and teaching. Hege received a BA in music with honors from Wesleyan University, CT, an MA in Music Composition from Mills College, and a Ph.D. in music composition from Princeton University where she published her dissertation exploring the relationship between meaning and the body in music and multimedia performance. She has studied composition with Neelie Bruce, Fred Frith, Pauline Oliveros, Chris Brown, Joelle Leandre, Barbara White, Paul Lansky, Steve Mackey, Dmitri Tymoczko, and Dan Trueman.

Using the breadth of her skills, Hege has composed for, sung in, and directed various vocal ensembles including Cuatro Vientos (Mexico City, Mexico), Celestial Mechanics (Princeton, NJ), and Folk3000 (Oakland, CA). These groups have been dedicated to promoting and performing newly composed vocal works. As a vocalist, composer, improviser, and electronic musician, she performs original works in her performance duo New Prosthetics, the laptop ensemble Sideband, and in her solo projects.  Hege has composed for film, installation art, dance, and concert settings. Her works have been performed by Ensemble Klang, NOW Ensemble, Voce in Tempore, Newspeak, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Princeton Laptop Orchestra, Google Mobile Devices Ensemble, Piedmont East Bay Children’s Chorus, So Percussion, Resound Ensemble, Carmina Escobar and her own performance groups. From 2008-2015, Hege composed musical scores for Carrie Ahern Dance. The New York Times praised her score for Ahern’s SenSate as “convincing” and “strangely environmental.” Influenced by her deep listening practice, her latest compositions lie somewhere between ritual and music with some homemade instruments thrown in for good measure. Hege is thrilled to be back in the Bay Area where she directs Level IV of the award-winning San Francisco Girls Chorus and is an individual voice and composition instructor at Mills College in Oakland.

Borrowed Prey: Part II short video excerpt

Borrowed Prey: Part II is the second part of Carrie Ahern’s diptych about death and modern life. Adapting video game technology to create a symbiotic relationship between movement and sound, Borrowed Prey: Part II, addresses the complicated relationship of the body to medical technology. Where cultural dying ritual seems lacking in the Western world, Borrowed Prey: Part II reveals communal rituals that promote connection. The live ensemble, dancer and choreographer Carrie Ahern, dancer Carolyn Hall and composer/musician Anne Hege.

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I See Spirits performed on The Tape Machine

This piece was composed for my instrument, the tape machine. This instrument is an analog looper built from 2 converted tape players and 1 converted tape recorder set into a frame. A tape loop is made to fit the machine and the performer sings into the recorder (set in the center) and controls playback at the two ends which house the 2 tape players. The machine makes looping visible and visceral as playback can be slowed, stopped or reversed by manipulating the tape loop. This instrument was used in the live performance of Borrowed Prey 1.

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From the Waters by Anne Hege performed by Sideband Laptop Ensemble

There is something inherently magical about the laptop orchestra. It has seemingly endless potential, and I imagine if anything were to bring a spirit back, this meshing of machine, man, woman, and sound would be it. For those of us who grew up thinking that a time machine was a beautiful DeLorean, or a space-like pod could merge man and fly, the hemispherical speaker of the laptop orchestra and the slim lines of the tether controller convince me that this is the vehicle for speaking with the beyond.

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