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Anne Mathews

Seattle, WA   

Anne Mathews has composed, arranged, and performed music with the global folk duo The Lonely Coast, the electro-pop project Eurodanceparty USA, the feminist noise-punk band Object as Subject, the miniature-instrument quartet The Toy Boats, the Balkan brass band Orkestar Zirkonium, the C&W trio Rhinestones, the Nu Klezmer Army, the singing collective The Bicycle Choir, and the radical noise performers of The Infernal Noise Brigade, among other ensembles. Her work has been supported by 4Culture, Smoke Farm, Seattle Parks & Recreation, the King County Library System, the Seattle Center, and Duwamish Revealed. In addition to her performance, she arranges and teaches music for community choirs and instrumental ensembles.

As a fifth-generation Pacific Northwesterner Anne is fascinated with the intertwining roles of history and public space in her home city of Seattle, an interest reflected in her decade-plus history of site-specific performance: She has sung from a canoe in the Duwamish, brought a brass band to the storied Moore Theatre for Moore Inside Out, played free toy-instrument concerts throughout the King County parks and library systems, performed (for the Arts and Nature Festival) in the West Seattle greenbelt areas where her father played as a child in the 1940s, and created a haunting program of multilingual duets to sing and broadcast (with collaborator Robb Kunz) through the halls of the decommissioned INS detention facility in the International District. She recently composed a short cycle of historically informed folk songs for the city’s only river, the Duwamish, and created an ad-hoc one-day choral ensemble, the Duwamish River People’s Chorus, to perform the tunes with musicians and soloists on the riverbanks as part of the Duwamish Revealed project.

Gold Scales

Performed by the Toy Boats, a toy-instrument quartet (Tiffany Lin, toy piano; Paul Kikuchi, toy drum kit; Steven Arntson, concertina; Anne Mathews, glockenspiel). Composed by Anne Mathews. ©2011 by Anne Mathews.

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In the Meadow

The audio sample is a short choral composition, written and performed by Anne Mathews for Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly #44 (“Voices Only”), a 2016 all-vocal anthology of original music by Pacific Northwest artists. The accompanying images highlight some of Mathews’s past performances with various musical ensembles, at venues and events including Seattle’s historic Russian Center, Neumos, Wing Luke Museum’s JamFest, the Arts in Nature Festival, Smoke Farm, Columbia City Theater, and Duwamish Revealed.

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Wind and Rain: Anne Mathews, Valerie Holt, and Brandon Shane Vance

Clips from rehearsal and performance of the UK traditional folk song “Wind and Rain,” at Kenyon Hall, West Seattle. Vocal arrangement by Anne Mathews.

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