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Alzara Getz

San Francisco, CA         

Brother Spellbinder veers off the beaten track with plaintive vocals, unusual arrangements, and a variety of textures. Incorporating elements of folk, gypsy jazz and indie, the music moves from rousing and infectious to dreamy and fragile. Lyrics flow from the uncensored mythical realm of the human psyche to the here and now of human experience. Brother Spellbinder aims to enchant in the age of disenchantment.

The daughter of Big Brother & The Holding Co.’s original drummer – Dave Getz – singer/songwriter Alzara Getz grew up in a rock-n-roll scene and learned early that music could move mountains. As a public health social worker her deep interest in how people heal – or not – is a source of inspiration for songwriting. After years of performing with a variety of bay area bands she decided it was time to lead her own. She formed Brother Spellbinder with roots guitarist Jamie Wilson in 2012. Wilson was an early graduate from San Francisco’s School of the Arts High School and counters Alzara’s dulcet voice with a dollop of gristle. Rice masters graduate Gabriel Beistline adds transcendent melodies and velvet bass tones on cello. Seasoned drummer Steve La Porta steers the songs with  steady and intricate rhythms. Steve Bollhoefer charms the audience with playful improvs and occasional jumping jacks.