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Ariana Natale

Brooklyn, NY         

Ariana Natale is a dreamer at heart, who recieved her bachelor’s degree in filmmaking from Boston University and has since spent 6 years between both coasts  ( NY / L.A. ) creating with a variety of digital media. Recent work includes capturing the grace of New York-based wind quintet The City of Tomorrow at the DiMenna Center for classical music as well as directing a music video for the indie band Dungeonesse, which premiered in Stereogum online.  Other projects include animated watercolor portraiture for the band Sister Crayon, a music video for Oy’s "Trolls" which was selected for Switzerland’s 47th annual Solothurn Film Festival, and the Invocation of La Loie Fuller- a hybrid dance/video art piece commissioned for the rooftop of The Standard Hotel in Downtown L.A. Her work has been featured in curated screenings at The Standard Hotel, The Ace Hotel, Cinefamily theater, USC School of Cinematic Arts and Superheadz Shower Room Factory in Shibuya Tokyo as well as in online publications including dublab.tv, L.A. Weekly, L.A. Record, and Paper magazine. 

Widespread interests on the current creative agenda also include poetry writing, creating art installations with digital media, and teaching filmmaking to kids and teens.  Air likes to let the imagination run loose with fellow kindred spirits. 

Poetic visualist with a specialty for crafting emotional experiences through written word / moving / still images, prying the heart open with a sense of wonder.  Air ( very proudly ) believes in magic.

Invocation of La Loie Fuller- Abstract Projection/Performance

Nicole Disson Presents: THE SERIES
Show V: Sound Off
Rooftop at The Standard Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles,
March 8th, 2011
Visual Projection/Performance Piece
© 2011 Ariana Natale, L.A. Weekly Article:

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