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Arone Dyer

Hudson, NY      

Arone Dyer is a vocalist, musician, composer & founding member of duos Buke and GaseMistresses, the producer of Dronechoir (Patreon), a project which examines social dis/comfort through durational choral performance, and a non-stop collaborator with an extensive resume of appearances, most notably on the National’s 2018 #1 Billboard Hit “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness”, Naama Tsabar’s Composition Series, David Garland’s Verdancy, Adam Schatz’s The Holiday Party, with Deerhoof‘s Greg Saunier for Tzadik Record’s Connie Converse Compilation, poet Mahogany L Brown, Berlin-based Stargaze & Cantus Domus, among many others. She holds several degrees in Life Experience but tragically the transcripts were destroyed in a fire so there’s no poof.

Dronechoir in 2016

The video below: Dronechoir at the Nameless Festival, Funkhaus in Berlin, Germany, 2016. I organized 24 vocalists who were already participating in the festival, supplying mp3 players and having most of them download their parts onto their phones for the performance. We were unannounced, and I was told that the audience members who stayed for the entire 33-minute piece left in tears. Many of the participants reported having extremely emotional, intimate experiences with complete strangers, and came back to me with enthusiastic, loving reviews.

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First Dronechoir at 24hr Dronefest Basilica in Hudson, NY 2015 (Starting at Minute 14:20)

The first Dronechoir was a loose piece that I attempted to keep composed despite being blindfolded. I asked 20 women to repeat my evolving vocal directions for one hour, creating a multi-leveled human loop machine. Mass directions were given via a rope that each person held onto with one hand; my raising the rope paused their loop; lowering the rope back to waist level started them where they left off; lowering the rope to the ground stopped them entirely. The blindfolded experience added deeper intimacy between myself & the vocalists.

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