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ATLYS Quartet


ATLYS is a classically trained, crossover string quartet comprised of four women. Hailed for being incredibly passionate and interactive, they create a concert atmosphere that is absolutely mesmerizing.

Together, the four are creating an ATLYS of music, filled with melodies and tunes from nations all around the world. Using the string quartet as their blank canvas, they veer outside of the classical music box to develop imaginative covers of beloved music by electrifying their instruments and using looping pedals. At the same time, they enjoy returning within the borders of that box to perform lesser-known classical works, creating a program that is both diverse and intriguing.

ATLYS has over 700 performances under their belt, having charmed audiences around the world representing Lincoln Center in New York City. Their shows are captivating, and they take pride in drawing people into their concerts who may have never otherwise been interested in attending a quartet performance. Being an acoustic and therefore easily mobile group, they also enjoy performing in unconventional spaces such as art galleries, warehouses, bars, and houses.


“Four electric musicians doing infinite eclectic things, ATLYS gets five stars for negotiating the outside of the box with ease.”                    — Todd Reynolds, violinist for Steve Reich, Meredith Monk, and Bang on a Can; composer, educator, and technologist

“Working with the ATLYS quartet was absolutely a pleasure. I was impressed with their talent in arrangement and performance, as well as their professionalism. The passion and creativity they bring to their work is inspiring.”                             — Kory Kruckenberg, Grammy Award-winning Sound Engineer

“…ATLYS brought standing room only audiences to every performance. They consistently brought tears to your eyes, a smile to your face and joy to your heart. These 4 remarkable young women are the essence of music, bringing a welcome and fresh perspective to every style of music and have artists, filmmakers, musicians, and composers, as well as human rights and environmental activists clamoring to collaborate with them.”                          — Randi Winter, Specialist in and journalist of Inspired Pursuits; Passionate Travel, a Virtuoso Affiliate of Classic Travel; Travel Industry Liaison for the British Columbia Association of Travel Writer


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ATLYS performs Beethoven String Quartet, op. 18 no. 4, IV. Allegretto-prestissimo

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Elegy – ATLYS + 3MIX

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