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Avant Media

New York, NY            

Avant Media’s mission is to give artists of all disciplines the time and space to create work unfettered by concerns of scope, scale, or duration.

Avant Media champions a community of artists interested in expanding their practice through interdisciplinary collaboration; provides artists with an early spotlight for their most ambitious work, celebrating ideas that challenge the traditions of performance; and empowers artists to maintain control over how their work is experienced by advancing the purposeful development of all aspects of the public presentation of their art. Under the Artistic Direction of Randy Gibson, Avant Media has helped develop large-scale multidisciplinary works like Aqua Madora (2004-8) and Shiver (2008-12, short films like Mujeres de Juárez (2005)and through the Avant Music Festival: Randy Gibson’s Apparitions… (2010), Nick Hallett’s Rainbow Passage (2013), Alvin Lucier’s Palimpsest (2014), and John King’s What Is The Word (2016).

Called “innovative” (New York Times) “visually stunning” (I Care If You Listen) and “unforgettable” (Textura), Avant Media originates wide-ranging works built from the ground up by artists collaborating on a singular vision. Since 2010, the annual Avant Music Festival has served as a platform for contemporary American composers to experiment with long-form concerts and the full programmatic experience of their work. This composer-focused approach gives both audience and performer a way to deeply explore the aesthetics of living composers. This cornerstone event now also features “Tangents” where performers and composer/performers can think about scale and experience in a somewhat more traditional concert setting, an installation component allowing visitors to experience – for free – another facet of each featured composer’s work, and a new initiative bringing powerhouse performers and a select composer together to develop new work tailored to the unique festival environment.

Alvin Lucier’s Palimpsest

Joan La Barbara performs the World Premiere of Alvin Lucier’s “Palimpsest” utilizing text by Lydia Davis repeated over itself and played back into the room in the mold of “I Am Sitting In A Room”

Text is “If at the Wedding (at the Zoo)” by Lydia Davis, from CAN’T AND WON’T: STORIES (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2014). Originally appeared in The Paris Review in Summer 2013. Copyright ©2013 by Lydia Davis. Performed with permission of the Denise Shannon Literary Agency, Inc. and the author.

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Apparitions of The Four Pillars…

Randy Gibson’s Apparitions of The Four Pillars in The Midwinter Starfield under The Astral 789 Duet performed live at the 2015 Avant Music Festival

This excerpt includes the introduction of the 11th harmonic, one of the more uncommon intervals used in the performance of this work. The 11:8 Interval work in concert with the 81:64 and the 9:8 to give the triad 88:81:72 providing added emphasis to the 7th and 9th harmonic, created by the difference tones in this range.

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Paula Matthusen – showing and hiding / showing and vanishing

Dither Electric Guitar Quartet, Mantra Percussion, and Philip White perform Paula Matthusen’s “showing and hiding / showing and vanishing” at the 2015 Avant Music Festival

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