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Bob Marsh

Pueblo, CO      

I have been making music and art for most of the past 75 years.

One luminous early memory from my fourth or fifth year is of me squatting on the dirt in an empty lot playing a one note xylophone of my invention and singing a one note and one word song to a fierce looking chow dog behind a fence on the other side of the lot. The song went on for an eternity and the dog seemed interested. It took many years to be able to return to that state of creation from time to time without any concern for any of the details that a composer/performer/artist/mover can so easily get caught up in.

In September of 2019 I had a solo art show at the Colorado State University – Pueblo Fine Arts Gallery. The installation Silver Park was the realization of a project I had proposed some 35 years ago in Detroit – a design for a public park. And fifteen years ago,  I had transformed the maquette from that project into a musical instrument. The idea for the park came to fruition here in Pueblo as an indoor installation in which three separate performance events took place, a duet with the atsalophone and a gong player, a butoh-like trio performance,  and a string trio.

In September of 2010, I began to study movement with Anna Halprin in the SF Bay Area. In December of that year I broke my leg and while lying in bed with the sunshine streaming in imagining I was on a beach somewhere I began a process that resulted in the creation of a series of articles of clothing to wear that would make sounds when I moved, which the  evolved into various performance personae, the Visitor, the Fallen Angel, the Ice Man, the Spirit of Detroit and the Downtown Clown. In September of 2011, I returned to studies with Anna Halprin and to participation in her weekly Performance Workshop, first as a vocalizer for improvisations and later as a full participant working with Halprin’s scoring process, the RSVP Cycle.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts – sculpture – Wayne State University, Detroit, 1972

Masters in Humanistic Clinical Psychology – Center for Humanistic Studies at the Merrill-Palmer Institute, Detroit, 1981

Grants, Residencies, Workshops, Special Projects

Homage to the Fisher Building, Detroit, Michigan Council of the Arts (1983)

Festival of the Fish, Interactive dance with multi-colored wooden fish, conch shell trumpets and surreal surveys celebrating the opening of Chene Park, Detroit Council of the Arts (1986)

Festival of the Trees, Hart Plaza, Detroit, celebrating Michigan’s sesquicentennial of statehood, Detroit Council of the Arts(1987)

Saint Louis New Music Circle, workshop and concert with Jack Wright

Seattle, residency sponsored by Seattle New Music

Seattle Residency sponsored by Meet the Composer and Seattle New Music

University of California, San Diego workshop in improvisation with Jack Wright

Workshop and concert, Meet the Composer, Meridian Gallery, San Francisco (2010)

Workshops in Improvisation and concert, sponsored by the Pueblo City/County Library, Pueblo, Colorado (2013)

window/door/river, interactive outdoor performance, Yerba Buena Arts Festival, San Francisco (2015)

The Dilemma of the One-Legged Tightrope Walker – a class in improvisation for all majors at Colorado State University – Pueblo, March 2019