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Brian Lawlor

Jersey City, NJ      

Brian Lawlor is a composer/multi-instrumentalist/conductor living in Jersey City, NJ.  After skipping a year of high school, he subsequently finished his college degree in 3 years. He received a B.M. in Composition from Cornish College of the Arts, an M.M. from SUNY Purchase, and studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music (Koninklijk Conservatiorium) in Den Haag, Netherlands. Mr. Lawlor has received grants from Jack Straw Productions, Atlantic Center for the Arts, and his music has been performed throughout North America, Europe and China.

A fervent collaborator, Brian is the composer for Seattle experimental theater group Saint Genet. He has conducted, composed and performed with a variety of ensembles — from chamber orchestra to synth trio — while working with the collective. Recent engagements include On the Boards, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, DonauFestival, New Island Festival, and Works & Process at the Guggenheim (curated by Robert Wilson). Lawlor also frequently collaborates with a variety of choreographers — most notably Princess Grace fellowship recipient Olivier Wevers and the Whim W’Him dance company.  


As an instrumentalist, Mr. Lawlor is frequently working with recording artists in the NYC area. He has recorded guitar and/or piano for Beyonce, Los Inquietos del Norte, Winds of Plague, and Folly. Brian was the bassist for Texas bluegrass/metal outfit Uncle Fudger and is a frequent guest bassist for Brooklyn surf-rockers Slim Wray.

From 2005-2010 Mr. Lawlor was Music Minister at Fordham Lutheran Church in the Bronx — serving as organist and conductor of the Voices of Victory Gospel choir.

Frail Affinities

The world premiere of the six-day performance “Frail Affinities” makes poetic and satirical reference to the tragedy of the “Donner Party” from 1846. A group of settlers migrating across the United States became trapped in the snow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and endured unimaginable horrors. Saint Genet’s method insists on images becoming obsessions, opening mental and physical spaces on a periphery where suffering, pain, joy, delirium, and death flow over into one another.

Music by Brian Lawlor w/ additional arrangements by Daniel Salo

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Flinch Not and Give Not Back

“Flinch Not and Give Not Back” is a reinterpretation of the 4 part “Dorothy K.” Series. This premiere presentation at WUK uses the 7-song suite “Always and Only The Lonely – Music from the Dorothy K.”, which premiered at the donaufestival in 2010, as a framework to support the poetic truth of each of the past projects and to explore the darker aspects of each of the 4 works which were frequently “out of control”.
Director: Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell
Composer: Brian Lawlor
Lyrics: Zac Pennington

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An Exemplary Case of Love Without Respite

“An Exemplary Case of Love Without Respite” began at dawn on April 17th (5:02 a.m.) and continued without break, pause, or hesitation for 3 days.

Director/Concept: Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell
Composer: Brian Lawlor

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