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Brightwork newmusic

Los Angeles, CA            

Brightwork newmusic was founded in 2013 by pianist Aron Kallay. The mission of the 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation is to enliven and expand contemporary classical music with a focus on West Coast composers and performers. The members of our in-house ensemble, Brightwork, are among the best chamber musicians in the world. The ensemble strives to find new and exciting ways to connect with audiences in the United States and abroad by presenting friendly and exciting concerts in both traditional and non-traditional spaces. Our flagship concert series Tuesdays @ Monk Space presents world-class musicians along with the most promising up-and-coming local, national, and international musicians. Through our educational outreach program, Project Beacon, we work closely with young musicians and composers across Southern California. Our goal is to empower the next generation of artists through residencies with youth orchestras and universities, student composer readings, masterclasses, and workshops.

Brightwork is:

Sara Andon – flute

Aron Kallay – piano

Maggie Parkins – cello

Tereza Stanislav – violin

Nick Terry – percussion

Brian Walsh – clarinet

Stockhausen/Ray – Zwillinge-Gemini from Tierkreis/Perpendicular Twins

Synchromy presents the world premiere of Vicki Ray’s companion piece
for Stockhausen’s “Zwillinge-Gemini” from Tierkreis. This is part of a
larger project pairing Los Angeles Composer with different movements of
Stockhausen’s iconic zodiac score.

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Cerrone and Barabba – Two works based on this same poem by Tao Lin

Synchromy presents two works inspired by the same poem by Tao Lin from his book “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.” Christopher Cerrone – “I will learn to love a person and then I will teach you and then we will know” for soprano, piano, clarinet and percussion from the cycle “I will learn to love a person.” Jason Barabba’s “a declarative sentence whose message is that we must try harder” for viola, cello and bass.

This was part of Synchromy’s “Music from Text” concert presented by Music @ Boston Court in Pasadena, California on July 17th, 2015.

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Endangered Voices: Wayana Songs

Brightwork Newmusic performs Endangered Voices: Wayana Songs by composer Jason Heath. Live performance from the Hear Now Music Festival, April 23, 2016, Miles Memorial Playhouse, Santa Monica, CA.

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