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Brittany Green

Greenville, NC      

Described as “cinematic in the best sense” and “searing,” Brittany J. Green’s music is centered around facilitating collaborative, intimate musical spaces that ignite visceral responses. The intersection between sound, movement, and text serves as the focal point of these musical spaces, often questioning and redefining the relationships between these three elements. Her research and creative interests include mapping aural gestures to gestural recognition technology and exploring virtual reality platforms as a tool for experiencing immersive, intimate musical moments. Her music has been featured at SCI National Conference, NYCEMF, BGSU Graduate Conference,  the West Fork New Music Festival, and more. She has presented research at the North Carolina Music Educators Association Conference, East Carolina University’s Research and Creative Arts Week, Darkwater Women in Music Festival, and the Intersection@ Art and Science Symposium. Brittany is currently in residency at Wahl-Coates School of the Arts where she facilitates the Composers in Schools program.  A collaboration between East Carolina University and Pitt County Schools, the Composers in Schools program provides students with the opportunity to compose original works in small groups, synthesizing elementary music theory, performance skills, and critical and creative thinking.  The program also offers an introductory coding course where students explore Max/MSP and Scratch in collaboration with Arduino, Leap Motion, and midi controllers.   Brittany holds a BM in Music Education from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and a MM in Music Composition and Theory from East Carolina University. She is a member of Pi Kappa Lambda Music Honors Society, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Society of Composers. To learn more about Brittany and her work, visit www.brittanyjgreen.com.

The Sounds You Left Behind

Sounds can evoke emotionally charged memories. Scientists have found that sensory information is often coupled with emotional information, allowing sounds to acquire an emotional meaning. Using the text of Sonia Sanchez’s “Poem No. 3,” this The Sounds You Left Behind explores the sounds of loss, emptiness, content, and reflection.

Performed by:
Gabby Cheij, soprano
Natalie Smith, flute
Austin Hart, cello
Irem Ozay, piano

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Sonatina for flute

Sonatina for solo flute is a single-movement piece that showcases various extended techniques on the flute. Written in sonata form, the piece utilizes two sound worlds, air and tongue, as the structural pillars that formulate the piece’s ABA form.

Performed by Natalie Smith, amplified flute with reverberation

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Feel Like This

Feel Like This is a fixed media piece realized in Pro Tools. The source material for this piece comes from a speech given by 9-year old Charlotte native, Zianna Oliphant in response to police brutality. Utilizing filtering, distortion, detuning, and phasing, this piece conveys the struggles and changes experienced when combating injustice through the intermingling and transformation of timbres.

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