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Burnt Sugar Index,LLC

NY, NY         

Burnt Sugar was formed in 1999 by Greg Tate and Jared Nckerson. The band has extensively toured Euorpe and The States and released over 15 albums on their own imprint. They base their brand of music making on the late Butch Morris’ patented Conduction system, designed especially for large ensembles of improvisers. Over the years the group’s repertoire has expanded from original material to repertory projects re-interpreting the musics of James Brown, Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Melvin Van Peebles, David Bowie and Steely Dan. For over a decade Burnt Sugar has also forged a collaborative project, Burnt Sugar/DANZ, in relationship with  Gabri Christa, Germaul Barnes, Stefanie Batten Bland and a host of other stellar choreographer/dancers who have adapted Conduction to live, large ensemble movement.

Burnt Sugar/Danz Rehearsal

Cue at 5:33 with Batten Bland.

Burnt sugar/danz rehearsal, July 2011, for Lincoln Center Out of Doors performance.

Dance Conductor, Germaul Barnes with dancer-choreographers Stephanie Batten Bland, Gabri Christa, Francesca Harper, Niles Ford, Alysia Ramos, Eddie Stockton,Nathan Trice, Daniel Gwirzman, Christian Von Howard, Nejla Yatkin, Judith Sanchez Ruiz and Baraka de Soleil.

Maxx Swift, Violin; Bruce Mack, Percussion; Moist Paula, Bartone Sax; Ben Tyree, Guitar; Myles Reilly, Piano; Micah Gaugh, Alto Sax; Greg Tate, conductor and laptop.

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Rehearsal excerpt of Burnt Sugar with Danz

Gabri Christa created Burnt Sugar/Danz in 2002 after Christa was exposed to the music of Greg Tate’s Burnt Sugar Arkestra. With Greg Tate she created a recombinant project, Burnt Sugar/Danz, ( formerly Dance Conduction Continuum) that draws upon the cream of NY music, choreographic and dance-performance talent to create innovative, never-before-seen works, live, and in real time. Burnt Sugar/Danz presents an alchemical blend of spontaneously composed music and choreography in this excerpt show at BAC in NYC in June 2010.

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