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Cassidy Chey

Boston, MA   

Creativity, whether innate or learned, is inescapably a part of how humans engage with the world. We use creativity in song, the written word, visual art… but we also wield it each time we problem-solve, navigate relationships, or plan to reach a goal. The world is a fascinating place, after all, and grappling with it—living in it—takes imagination.

To Cassidy, music’s, art’s—creativity’s—ability to cross social and cultural boundaries is what makes it invaluable. As a violinist and artistic visionary, Cassidy constantly seeks to create opportunities for artists to connect across disciplines, all while crafting engaging concert experiences that emphasize collaboration, newly composed or little heard repertoire, and above all an approachable atmosphere that compels mixed audiences. Some of her work includes the YInMn (‘in-min) Project, an Atlanta-based new-music festival introducing 21st-century listeners to a variety of “contemporary classical music” in intimate, visually engaging spaces; Converge, an Ann Arbor-based new music collective that aims to creatively broaden contemporary music’s audience base in the area; and To Bloom (2016), a live video production featuring solo violin and piano, contemporary dance, new compositions, and lighting and set design. Cassidy was named an EXCELerator Fellow in 2015 for her work with Converge, and her collaborations coincided with and have helped advance the development of a more active partnership between student composers and performers at the University of Michigan.

Current pursuits include developing the YInMn Project, planning tours with Room 1078, story-song-improvisation writing with Muqi Li, and completing a Master of Music under Markus Placci at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Cassidy earned her Bachelor of Music from the University of Michigan under David Halen, with dual concentrations in violin performance and music history.

Tata Made for Jumping Cow (2018) | Cassidy Goldblatt & Muqi Li

Cassidy Goldblatt and guzheng player Muqi Li are exploring the reach of combined vocal and instrumental improvisation, their music drawing from Bulgarian, Japanese, Chinese, and European Renaissance singing styles and integrating their respective instrumental voices—guzheng and violin—into a unique and richly woven soundscape. They have also begun writing a set of story-songs based on events from their respective childhoods. This is the premiere of their first song, a scripted, semi-improvised work on a near-death experience of Cassidy’s.

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Great Danger, Keep Out (2013) | Matthew Browne

Performed by Room 1078 to cap off 2018’s inaugural YInMn Project, “Great Danger, Keep Out” is a wild, electrifying piece capturing the essence of famed scientist Nikola Tesla and the inventions he would come to be well known for. The work was written as a musical portrait of the scientist himself and, in addition to taking its title from a sign posted outside his Colorado Springs laboratory, highlights lesser known facts about Tesla such as his obsession with the number three (as featured through melodic thirds and tritones).

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This piece draws inspiration from Timothy Peterson’s studies in Tangier, Morocco, exploring the use of quarter tones from the rast , bayati, and saba tetrachords while capturing the “pensive, rhythmically free quality of taqasim improvisations; the call-and-response musical dialogue heard in firqa overtures; and the dance-like energy of Moroccan chaâbi folk music.”

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