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Catherine Davis

Austin, TX   

Catherine Davis has been composing and performing music for TV, Film, Dance & Theater in Austin for over the last decade. She first came to Austin to study piano and voice with choral emphasis with Dr. Betty Mallard and Dr. Suzanne Pence at the University of Texas. After receiving her BA in Music, she has particularly enjoyed working with fine artists Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler on House with Pool & Movie Mountain. Also on the DA! Theater Collective’s production of Day Boy Night Girl. Catherine toured through North America as a song writer and publisher along side fellow bandmates in Zykos and has enjoyed recording with Music Producers Mike McCarthy & James Vollentine for artists such as Spoon, Craig Finn, The Dead Confederate & …and you will know us by the tail of dead.
She thrives from all the inspiration drawn from all walks of life who cross her path. She is the Director of Education for Capital Music Center where students of all ages are helped to find their voice with music. She is also a frequent Education Clinician for the Roland Corporation, traveling throughout the US to share her experiences in teaching piano. When at home she also finds great inspiration in singing under conductor and musical director, Craig Hella Johnson in Conspirare. Always with intentions to honor her gifts and experiences.

Illusory Impressions Sneak Peek

This is a collaboration with choreographer Michelle Thompson called Illusory Impressions. For more information: illusoryimpressions.com

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Parlay from House with Pool Soundtrack

Music written for Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler’s art video: House with Pool.
See here for more information: http://www.hubbardbirchler.net/works/housewithpool/hwp-soundtrack.php

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