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Chelsea Monae

Baltimore, MD         

Baltimore based singer, songwriter, and poet, Chelsea Monae is an emerging music-recording artist. As a teenager, Monae became captivated with spoken word poetry. Primarily a vocalist influenced by such artists as Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill, she includes a combination of singing and spoken word in her music. Without any family influenced music backgrounds, as we typically hear in with talented artists like her, Chelsea has succeeded as an emerging singer in Baltimore. Additionally, she has participated in multiple musicals including Godspell, Fame, and Beauty and the Beast. Monae uses her music and poetry as catalysts for dialogue about relationships and communication.

Progression and advancement appear to be an essential part of any artist lifestyle. That remains accurate with Chelsea Monae. She decided to further her career as an artist by progressing to the recording phase of her music career in 2015. Since releasing her first self-titled project in 2015, Monae has been invited to perform at several Baltimore hot spots including  Metro Gallery, Center Stage, Ottobar,  The Crown, and Baltimore’s Soundstage. Chelsea Monae is an artist who is unquestionably the real deal.


“Triumph”is an original song, produced by Bari Lutalo with lyrics written by myself. The song is meant to encourage listeners who have lost hope to continue to push forward and to give love. It is a reminder that we attract the world that we want to experience, and not to become lost on our journey toward love and acceptance of one another.

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Slide is a fun, upbeat acoustic dance song; part of “Compromise,” a 3-song acoustic project.

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