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Christina Ward

Los Angeles, CA   

Christina Ward, co-founder and co-artistic director of aLma.MaddR, is a composer and performance artist from Texas who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing upon her eclectic background in music, theatre, visual art, and writing, she gives an attentive eye to the relationships between the different theatrical elements in a work, yielding a reflective, multimedia, and often dreamy style.

Thinking About Waves in Our Imaginations

This is music from the Baptismal Hypnotic Chamber scene in our project, Eye Man Made. Words and Music by Christina Ward, © 2015. Vocalist Kathryn Shuman, FX David Aguila+Ableton, Vox Machine Sara Sinclair Gomez and Sharon Kim, Oboe Michael Torres, Shakuhachi/Bassoon Chris Foss, Vibraphone James Waterman, Double Bass Charles Carswell, Bottle Blowers. Performance part of DEDCAT Society presents: Hydro Jardin @ Pieter SpaceLA 2015. Special Thanks to Anabel Romero, production; and DEDCAT Society. Thumbnail Image: graphic component of score.

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I am emotionally efficient

I am emotionally efficient is a prototype for a wind and voice shadowplay quintet from Eye Man Made. Two flutes emulate a running machine while the vocalized typography plays with information about the mechanical qualities of nature. This live recording of a performance by Jennifer Ingertila and Chelsea Czuchra was made in Switzerland in 2014.

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