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claire rousay

San Antonio, TX         

claire rousay is a person who performs and records. She currently lives in San Antonio, Texas. Her performances and recordings explore queerness, human relationships, and self perception through the use of physical objects and their potential sounds.

rousay performs with Brandon Lopez, Carol Genetti, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten,  Jacob Wick, Ken Vandermark, Lori Goldston, Michael Foster, Tom Carter, and others. rousay’s work has been performed at locations such as Casa del Popolo, Constellation Chicago, Experimental Sound Studio’s Option Series, Iklectik Art Lab (London), Issue Project Room, and the Tobin Center for Performing Arts (San Antonio).

“…the Texas based percussionist and improvisor exhibits a clear understanding of how rawness can add depth and color to your music […] Like a silent film star utilizing grand movements and facial expressions to relay their feelings, Rousay’s exaggerated playing and sudden increase in physical exertion communicate the piece’s evolving emotional state.” – Joshua Minsoo Kim, The Wire

“Her ability to keep things clear and sparse while constantly pushing forward results in a sense that anything could happen at any moment, be it a pregnant pause or a percussive explosion.” – Marc Masters, Bandcamp Daily

“Her approach to performance conscientiously avoids macho forcefulness in favor of patient and fluidly evolving explorations of the timbre, texture, and resonance of her drums, metal bowls, and other objects.” – Bill Meyer, Chicago Reader

claire rousay – Excerpt from Side A of “t4t”

claire rousay’s t4t is an apt release for 2019. On side a: “things you’ve said you like” she weaves in unaltered spoken fragments – sourced from “emails, texts, sexts, and voicemails” in between the minimalist, percussive textures that she is known for creating. Side b: “things i doubt you’d care about” is more tightly wound, scraping and water and breathing – an anxious and pent listen that ends abruptly and unresolved, literally edging the listener.

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OPTION: claire rousay & Emily Beisel (Excerpt)

May 6, 2019: Drummer claire rousay is a leading light of a new generation of improvisers currently making waves in creative music. For her Option debut, she presented a set of solo music for percussion, followed by a duo set with Chicago based clarinetist Emily Beisel.

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