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Grand Canyon Music Festival

Grand Canyon, AZ         

Vision. A pioneering chamber music festival with innovative programming and education projects in a magnificent world heritage site.

Mission. It is the mission of the Grand Canyon Music Festival to enhance the Grand Canyon experience by presenting world-class music in Grand Canyon National Park and in outreach programs to schools in rural and Native American communities.


Recipient of a Lewis Prize for Music Infusion Award

2-time recipient of the ASCAP Chamber Music America Award for Adventurous Programming

New Music USA’s New Music Educators Award

National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award from the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities

Arizona Governor’s Arts Award

Our History. In 1982, inspired by the writings of Willa Cather, GCMF founders Robert Bonfiglio and Clare Hoffman set off – with harmonica and flute tucked into their backpacks – for a five day, rim-to-rim-to-rim Grand Canyon hike. On day two of their hike, Ranger Joe Quiroz discovered Clare playing her flute in the washed out trunk of a tree, and asked if she and Robert would consider playing a concert that night. They did. That intimate concert, for rangers Joe Quiroz and Gale Burack, in the ranger’s cabin at Cottonwood Campgrounds at the canyon’s floor, was the inspiration for the Grand Canyon Music Festival.