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Cold Blue Music

Venice, CA      

Cold Blue Music is an American new music label known for, among other things, its focus on contemporary West Coast music. For the past dozen-plus years (as during its short-lived initial incarnation in the early-mid 1980s), the music on the label has also been known for maintaining a focus on music’s inherent sensuality, offering constructions that grow from the free blending of process and intuition.

Cold Blue (www.coldbluemusic.com) is run by composer Jim Fox, who closely oversees and produces all of the material released by the label.

"I don’t see the point in art that doesn’t take any risks. Fortunately, Cold Blue does that for us, and does it all the time."—Harold Budd

"Does anyone remember a time when record labels had their own sounds? Can you recall the last time you bought a CD solely on the basis of what the label was? … there are still a few labels out there that insist on maintaining a certain profile. One obvious example is Germany’s hardy ECM outfit. Another much closer to home is Cold Blue."—Los Angeles Times

"[The Cold Blue Music] label defines a certain ‘Southern California sound,’ uncluttered, evocative and unusual, with a wistful emotional edge."—L.A. Weekly

“[Cold Blue] became recognized for its clear identity as a focus for West Coast minimalism and post-minimalism…setting the highest standards in an area of musical endeavor where banal facility can be a danger."—The Wire

“Cold Blue discs … have tended to present music of stunning and poignant strangeness."—International Record Review

"Jim Fox’s Cold Blue Music label, the home to many a musical treasure."— Late Junction, BBC3

"Those who stereotype modern classical music as either cacophonous or simplistic would be forced to add a third category—elusive—when confronted with the Cold Blue catalog."—Fanfare magazine

"Another record label worth celebrating is Cold Blue. This is the stuff of which cults are made."—Andrew Ford, Australian Financial Review

"The California-based Cold Blue label challenges assumptions about what the phrase ‘listening to music’ is all about. This is what we have come to expect from this label, which specializes in the more abstract or ambient forms of modern ‘classical’ music.”—Classical.Net

"This is a label with a clear musical vision … and pristine production."—Exposé magazine

"Cold Blue is a lovely label." —Kyle Gann, PostClassic