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Composers Concordance

New York , NY         

Staying in rotation for thirty two years in NYC is a rare feat. In the case of a new music presenting organization, it requires not only diligence and cognizance of achievements of the past, but also an ethic of keeping one’s ear to the ground for emerging stylistic and technological developments, as well as talented new composers on the scene. Composers Concordance strives to present contemporary music in innovative ways, with an emphasis on thematic programming. It has also created a record label, Composers Concordance Records, with distribution by Naxos. Directors Gene Pritsker and Dan Cooper co-curate the programs, and lead the CompCord Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, String Orchestra, and Big Band. Associate Directors are Milica Paranosic, Peter Jarvis, Svjetlana Bukvich, and Melissa Grey. Composers Concordance’s overriding vision is to promote contemporary music, composers, and new works as a rightful and respected part of society. Good music, performed and recorded well, pushing the boundaries of sound and composition.

“For the past 30 years, Composers Concordance has been a booster for local composers, through both its concerts across the city and a record label.”  –The Wall Street Journal. “Enterprising new music organization” –The New York Times. “The Composers Concordance folks are unpredictable and at times refreshingly irreverent in a reverent sort of way….ingenious fun” –Classical-Modern Music Review. “Edgy…boisterous…demanding our attention” –San Diego Story. “These men and women are creating exciting music with elements of jazz, world music and many experimental techniques blended with equal parts classical tradition and playing techniques.” –Asbury Park Press. “There is considerable evidence to show that Composers Concordance may be one of the most exciting labels in American contemporary music.


Trump A Theatrical Concerto by Gene Pritsker

‘Trump, A Theatrical Concerto’ by Gene Pritsker
Video by Graham Elliot
Composers Concordance Presents
A Theatrical Concerto by Gene Pritsker
@ November 8, 2016 @(Le) Poisson Rouge, NYC
Performed by: Philippe Quint – solo violin (The Devil), Charles Coleman – baritone (Donald Trump), Sharon Harms – soprano (Melania Trump), Anya Migdal – actress (Ivanka Trump), Mark Kostabi – actor (Thomas Jefferson), Gene Pritsker – Di.J. & (The Devil’s Assistant),
Graham Elliot – video & V.J.
Absolute Ensemble Kristjan Jarvi – conductor

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Solea by David Soldier

Miranda Cuckson plays Dave Soldier’s Solea for solo violin
from Al-Andaluz by Dave Soldier with coaching from Pedro Cortes
As part of Composers Concordance presents: ‘All About Spain’
October 22nd, 2016 @ West Park Presbyterian Church, NYC
video by Eddie Papetti

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