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Corps Multiple

Austin, TX            

Corps Multiple is a multidisciplinarycompany directed by French artist Sandie Donzica, dancer and choreographer.We create a symbiosis between live music, dance and theatrical performance. We are merging contemporary music, contemporary dance and physical theatre.

Our researched experimental scenic improvisations are based on intimate experiences from people around us, as well as human psychology, behavior and deepest sensations. We strive to develop artistic evenings crossing genres and disciplines to produce eclectic, spontaneous and intriguing contemporary works in order to touch the senses, emotions and thoughts of the audience. 

(UN)ROOTED – i am an orphan – SCENE 2 – “Dirt in my Throat”

(UN)ROOTED is an evening-length performance opening the discussion on the deep need for belonging, roots, pairs and marks, inherent to human kind. It explores the process that we engage ourselves into when looking for our own roots, such as struggle, entanglement or rejection, and how to find peace within ourselves, no matter the outcome. In this evening performance, moving bodies, sounds, text and lights respond to this subject using the techniques of free improvisation to engage performers and audience into a spontaneous exchange.

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(UN)ROOTED – I AM AN ORPHAN – SCENE 1 – “What have I done to you?”

This is a scene from the third piece, “I am an orphan”, from the production (UN)ROOTED performed at the VORTEX in Austin, TX – December 13-15, 2018. This scene portrays the ever-changing attachment humans have for each other, loving and rejecting the other, embracing guilt and remorse, attraction and repulsion, tenderness and violence. Music and Choreography by Corps Multiple.

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Corps Multiple – VORTEX Residency – “Wind” (1st mouvement)

This video is a live performance excerpt of our new work untitled “les éléments”. It was performed at the Butterfly Bar in the VORTEX, Austin, TX on 3/2/19.
It is based on the four natural elements: Wind-Water-Fire-Earth. It is a direct progression from our first work (UN)ROOTED. As we explored our roots as individual facing the society in (UN)ROOTED, “les éléments” offers an introspection into human root’s as a species. Where do we come from? How can we trace our human identity in each of the four natural elements?

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