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In its seventeen seasons of virtuosic performances and daring programming, the composer/performer collective counter)induction has established itself as a force of excellence in contemporary music. Hailed by The New York Times for its “fiery ensemble virtuosity” and for its “first-rate performances” by The Washington Post, c)i has given critically-acclaimed performances at Miller Theatre, Merkin Concert Hall, and the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society. counter)induction is the winner of an ASCAP/Chamber Music America Award for Adventurous Programming and has headlined numerous festivals, including the Music at the Anthology Festival, Boston Conservatory New Music Week, the Columbia Music Scholarship Conference, and the 2010 Conference of the International Consortium for Auditory Display.

Since emerging in 1998 from a series of collaborations between composers at at the University of Pennsylvania and performers at the Juilliard School, counter)induction has premiered numerous pieces by both established and younger emerging American composers; including Eric Moe, Suzanne Sorkin, Ursula Mamlok, and Lee Hyla.   c)i has also widely promoted the music of international composers not often heard in America, including Jukka Tiensuu, Bernhard Gander, Gilbert Amy, Dai Fujikura and Vinko Globokar. From Beijing to Boston, from Yale University to Rochester’s Strong Museum of Play, counter)induction inspires audiences of every age and background. With over a decade of teaching experience, ensemble members have led many interactive programs ranging from kindergarten classes that explore the world of sound to workshops with emerging composers from the University of Pennsylvania, Boston Conservatory, and George Washington University.

A Book of Etudes, Quire 7, No. 1, for clarinet, cello and piano. By Douglas Boyce

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Lay Down Your Burden by Kyle Bartlett

LAY DOWN YOUR BURDEN (2015) was composed for and premiered by the Dutch ensemble Oerknal!. As Georges Bataille wrote concerning his transgressive novella Story of the Eye, “I began writing with no precise goal, animated chiefly by a desire to forget, at least for the time being, the things I could be or do personally.” Favoring recurrence over development, recognizing the weight of silence and the austerity of the materials – came together in an unintentional yet very true and clear rendering of the moment and the circumstances of the work.

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Dead Cat Bounce by Eric Moe

A “dead cat bounce” is an expression used in financial circles to describe a brief and temporary uptick in the price of a stock following a spectacular decline in its value. (The decline continues after the bounce). The etymology of the phrase is that “even a dead cat will bounce if dropped from a great enough height”. The term was heard a lot in the fall of 2008. Dead cat bounces are clear only in hindsight: no one knows at the time whether the market has bottomed out and a recovery is in progress or whether it is doomed to fall still further.

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