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Music for Contemplation

Brooklyn, NY      

Music for Contemplation (“MufoCo”) invites listeners to light concentration through a series of concerts, offering a space and time outside busy New York City to let thoughts wander.

MufoCo welcomes a broad interpretation of “contemplation”, including classical, jazz, free improvisation, and experimental music styles. Past programs have included thick, dense dissonant textures of Andrew Lafkas, whispy half-heard sounds of the slight brush of a bow on a string, and interlocking melodies of Renaissance composer Orlando di Lasso.

The 2014-2016 seasons took place in the elegant sanctuary of the Church of the Annunciation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Programs included works by Shelley Burgon, Dan Joseph, the New York Guitar Circle, Deep Listening composers Pauline Oliveros and Stuart Dempster, Wandelweiser composers Antoine BeugerKunsu Shim,Eva-Maria HoubenSam Sfirri and Craig Shepard, and free improvisers Christian KobiSean Meehan, and Mike Bullock.

The first concert at Annunciation was June 30, 2013 as part of Indexical’s Transient Series. After the concert, a long time Williamsburg resident, who had heard this music for the first time, asked for a CD to listen at home. It was very clear that there was a real need for this experience, and the MufoCo could serve both long-time residents and the experimental music community. Since that evening, MufoCo has presented eighteen programs, including music of Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Alvin Lucier, Andrew Lafkas, Shelley Burgon, Christian Kobi, the New York Guitar Ensemble, and members of the Wandelweiser group.

The series is produced in cooperation with the parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The musicians do the work for the series, all pitching in to make something that none of us could do on our own. Directed and organized by Craig Shepard. Past organizer-curators include Assaf GidronDan Joseph.Tyler Wilcox and Erik Carlson.

Live Concert Recordings

Selection of recordings from live performance in Music for Contemplation’s 2014-2016 seasons.

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