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Zane Winter

Kansas City, MO         


Zane Winter is a composer, curator, and collaborator living and working in Kansas City Missouri. His work is driven by partnerships focusing on audience-building, non-traditional concert models, and a diverse range of musical aesthetics, philosophies, and traditions from many Western and non-Western sources. His works have been selected for performances at various events at Valparaiso University, concerts in Beijing, Nanjing, and Huangzhou China, and at the Exchange of Midwest Composers’ Conference.

His life as a musician began at age 8, when he began to play the piano, beginning to compose soon after. As a Bachelor of Music student at Valparaiso University, he created numerous showcases of new works by student composers, where he developed a skill set that combines his experience as a chamber coach, composer, and concert organizer. He studied composition with Dennis Friesen-Carper and piano and theory with Joseph Bognar, graduating with honors in 2013. He began attending the University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance in the fall of 2013, where he has served as President and Vice President of the Composer’s Guild, curating four concerts in his duties as VP and organizing the operations of the Guild leadership as President. During his time at UMKC, he has studied with Paul Rudy, James Mobberley, Zhou Long, and Chen Yi, and has taken masterclasses with Steve Stucky, Alex Shapiro, Mark Adamo and John Corigliano.

In the fall of 2014, Zane co-founded FuseBox New Music, a collective dedicated to advocating for emerging composers, audience building, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Artist Statement:

I am a composer, collaborator, and curator who works to bring out the unique individual expression in every player I write for through a collaborative process that encourages the participation of the performer at every stage of composition. As an explorer of many western and non-western musical traditions, aesthetics, and philosophies, I believe in a diverse approach to composition that incorporates elements of many competing schools of thought into a unique musical world, re-invented for every piece. The structure of my music is defined by an intense awareness of the natural harmonic series, the spectra unique to the instruments I compose for, the aesthetic qualities of the golden ratio, and multi-layer processes that unfold over the course of an entire work. My carefully-notated scores work to encourage an intense dialogue between indeterminate and exacting notation techniques, creating a musical palate capable of expressing complex musical ideas as simply as possible, maximizing opportunities for improvisation and collaborative music-making. As a composer interested in music from many times and places, my compositions incorporate elements of Indian raga, global chant traditions, and Renaissance plainsong, and incorporate musical-narrative models that address positive and negative aspects of the human condition, existential questions of being, and the pursuit of an ideal.

Boozin’ Tunes

A work that explores the story of addiction, Boozin’ Tunes was written as part of a collaboration with dancer Dominique Harris, and was premiered on the program “Kinetic Motives” in the spring of 2014 by cellist Qizhen Liu.

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leave by any door

leave by any door for string quartet was composed over the course of 30 days in early 2012, following the news that my dear friend, Pvt. Christopher Patterson, had been killed by an IED in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. The piece explores the music that he loved, from Bach to heavy metal. The premiere was given in the Fall of 2012 at Valparaiso University by Charlotte Lindstrom, Rosie Murray, Joshua Bamber, and Rima Afifi.

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