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Daniel Schnyder

New York City, NY

Daniel Schnyder is an American composer/performer with a dynamic reputation in both jazz and classical music. He has recorded over 30 CDs of his own music and, as a performer, toured and recorded with many well-known classical musicians, world-music artists and jazz players. Born 1961 in Zurich, he now lives in New York City.

Daniel Schnyder is known for his interesting programming, combining ethnic music, jazz and classical music in new and adventurous ways (See ‘Arabian Nights’ with Kristjan Jaervi).

He also dedicates whole programs to explore the riches of the past thru many different and unexpected avenues. Together with Stefan Schulz of the Berlin Philharmonic he just created a whole program entitled HAENDEL IN HARLEM, reflecting on Haendels Trio Sonatas, and he recently adapted and recreated Haendel’s stunning Water Music for the Baltic Youth Philharmonic under Kristjan Jaervi.

Schnyder wrote many concertos for exotic instruments like OUD, NAY, Bala, Kora, Saxophone, Alphorn and Pipa, that reflect on his idea of expanding the sound of the classical concert experience beyond the European horizon.

A list of Daniel Schnyder’s works can be found on: