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Dasha Sur

Berkeley, CA         

Dasha is a Russian-born, Northern California-based mixed media artist experimenting with human perception through installation arts, projection mapping, and performance. Her art falls into two separate categories in terms of experimental installations and collaborative art. Experimental installations made from light, shadows, sound and mixed media reflect the deep emotional side of her personality. As she creates for public spaces and performances  in collaboration with motion designers, architectures, sound artists,  costume artists video-mapping artists, performers, sculptures become about geometry and functionality.  What unites them is that the spectator unwittingly becomes a part of the installation as he or she experiences the movement of the object and spaces.

She reveals the conflict between spiritual need and earthly desire through my interpretation. Her works are shown in various countries around the world. The narrative of her  sculptures and performances is abstract and obscure, although clear on a feeling level. She does not want to dictate any reaction to her art. Perception through physical elements and phenomena—electric light, shadow and illusion—combines into imaginative construction of both my sculptures and the space itself. Her hopes are that the viewers will take time to experience it.

Her professional and artistic paths have been closely intertwined with visual arts, graphic design, and computer science. Then she merged her professional experience with a passion for teaching art, launching Visual Arts Studio for Teens in Moscow and Artsy Youth in Northern California to give adolescents the opportunity to develop critical thinking and foster imagination trough real-world experience. Like her artistic objects change the reality, she transforms studies to the artistic challenge that inspires adolescents for discovery and invention.

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