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Dave Miller

New York City, NY         

When influences span multi-disciplines there must ultimately be a singular abstract expression. Balancing improvisation and composition in music is much like the balance between embellishment of written words, telling stories, interpreting messages, or invention in the moment. As influences cross cultures, spiritual realms, folklore and centuries of human generations, adaptation and interpretation of ideals is inevitable. The existence of this inevitability on the avant-garde allows for significant discovery thru combinations of tradition and innovation.  Often these ideas are manifestations of abstraction while other times they are discernible thru actions and approaches to music thru the instrument, a performance, or during improvisation.  

Dave Miller [b. 1985] is a drummer, improviser, music educator & dance accompanist, currently based in New York City. Miller’s work is rooted in acoustic drum and percussion aesthetics with predominantly improvisational performance ideology. It might swing or get funky.  It may be raucous or fulfill another role.  It will undoubtedly be solely for the moment of the experience, whether thru live performance or repeated playback on recording.  While it may get a little weird there is never a lack in intent or truth to sound. 

Full bio, list of collaborators and past/previous projects are available at davemillerdrums.net


ELECTRONIC BORDER PATROL is Dave Miller (drums), Chuck Bettis (electronics/throat) Alan Bjorklund (cornet/synthesizer), Matthew Keegan (trombone) & Austin White (electronic bass). Recorded and Mixed at BC 01/2014 by Martin Bisi.

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