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David Pate

Clearwater, FL

     David Pate was born nin 1954 and grew up in Clearwater Florida.during the sixties. As a result of the many musical influences of that era, including Hendrix, Coltrane Zappa, Sam Rivers, Ian Anderson and Terry Riley, Pate’s solo performances are a strange eclectic mix. His improvised performances utilize extended saxophone techniques, such as multiphonics controlled overtones,circular breathing, some ostinatos and maybe a blues lick or two…..After reciving an undergraduate degree in Tampa he moved to NYC in 1979 and did graduate work at The Manhattan School of Music , studying with Joe Allard.A participant in the "loft" scene in the 80’s, he performed with Ned Rothenberg,Larry Polansky, and Eugene Chadbourne, as well as in many avante-garde jazz festivals. Moving back to Florida in the late 80’s, he performed with Nat Adderly and Sam Rivers. Pate tours the US with the Temptations and has toured Europe with Sam Rivers, and Bogus Pomp, a Zappa Tribute band. He is very involved in music education, having taught saxophone and jazz studies at the Pinellas County Center for the Arts for the past 30 years. In his spare time, he plays old man basketball and rides great distances on a bicycle. 

Back and Forth

Solo Sax Improvisation

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