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Daniel Rothman

Venice, CA   

New York City born and raised composer Daniel Rothman, has lived in Los Angeles since 1991, when he founded Wires Center for New & Experimental Music, which opened its doors with the premiere of John Cage’s One6, and sound sculpture by Mineko Grimmer. Rothman’s creative and curatorial activities have combined the performing and fine arts, literature, and social activism. His recent video installations “Pinball Justice” (series) are included in timely exhibitions on race, including SKIN at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery and Hands Up Don’t Shoot HER at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis; his sound installation “Chickpea(ce)” at Angels Gate in The Port of Los Angeles, concerned with global trade and migration, is created in partnership with Toberman Neighborhood Services and Harbor Interfaith Services, with sponsorship by Whole Foods. As Director of Programs for Villa Aurora Foundation for European-American Relations, he has worked to settle persecuted writers from, among other nations, China, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe.

Closely associated with Los Angeles’s experimental music community, Rothman has produced “The Dream House of Herman Wallace,” for Gnarwhallaby;

“Cleared for Approach, Cleared for Landing,” a monodrama based on a cycle by poet and aviator Ann Darr.

and “Dusk Ripples Across the Salton Sea” for Formalist Quartet cellist Ashley Walters.

In Europe, Rothman’s music has been commissioned by major festivals and broadcasting houses, such as Sudwestrundfunks New Jazz Meeting 2003, collaborating with Yoko Tawada, Gerry Hemingway and Radu Malfatti; Pro Musica Nova Bremen, Wittener Tagen, Donauschingen, Musikprotokoll, NUMUS (Aarhus) Nuova Consonanza, and Wien Modern. His music has been performed and recorded by Klangforum Wien, Quatuor Bozzini, Phyllis Bryn-Julson, Nicholas Isherwood, Eric Huebner and Bernhard Wambach, among others. And he has been in residence at Brooklyn College Computer Music Center, ExperimentalStudio des SWR (Freiburg), IEM-Graz, IRCAM, Mills CCM and ZKM.

Rothman’s awards and fellowships include the NEA, French Ministry of Culture, Heinrich-Strobel-Stiftung, and Rockefeller Foundation; he taught at CalArts in the School of Music and School of Critical Studies between 1994 and 2006, and was featured visiting composer at Darmstadt Internationales Fierienkurse 1996.

As founder of Los Angeles River Records, Rothman has produced first recordings of music by Peter Ablinger, Clarence Barlow, Hanne Darboven and Arthur Jarvinen. 

Commercial Recordings Include:

Cézanne’s Doubt (New World Records), a live video projected chamber opera featuring Thomas Buckner, Kent Clelland, Theodore Mook, David Smeyers, and Wadada Leo Smith.

Sense Absence (Éditions Bozzini) by Quatuor Bozzini.

Piano works recorded by Eric Huebner (Albany)

Yes, Philip, Androids Dream Electric Sheep (Los Angeles River Records) by David Smeyers and Mark Trayle.

Rape of Ophelia (Albany) Mary Nessinger and Jeanne Golan


Pinball Justice (Installation view)

Pinball Justice (2015, full installation) is a combination of video projections on large adjacent walls, incorporating sound, with up to 8 audio channels and subwoofer.

Pinball Justice responds to the fear Cleveland and Chicago police officers expressed for their lives, in their defense, for the gratuitous murders of black Americans.

A version is installed at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery 2/7-4/17/16, Intermedia Arts (MN) 1/28-4/7/16, and Social and Public Art Resources Center 4-6/2016

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chickpea(ce) at Angels Gate Cultural Center: sound installation & social action

Chickpea(ce) is a sound installation at Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, January 23 to April 7, 2016, as part of Hold Up!, curated by Martabel Wasserman.

A social action component involves preparing dishes from the many international cuisines based on chickpeas, to be shared with AGCC visitors, the poor and homeless.

Angels Gate Cultural Center and Daniel Rothman thank Chickpea(ce) sponsors and partners Whole Foods, Torrance, and Harbor Interfaith Services, San Pedro, for providing and distributing foodstuff.

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Dusk Ripples Across The Salton Sea (Ashley Walters, cello)

solo cello (2012)

Tuning based on ascending divisions of the strings in ratios from 11:11 to 33:11.

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