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David Cortello

Hickory, NC   

David Cortello is a composer, teacher, musician and choral conductor. He received a BA in music from the University of New Orleans and an MM and Ph.D. in composition from Louisiana State University. He has taught theory and composition on the collegiate level and guitar for many years in a private studio setting. His music is written for solo and small ensemble, orchestra, electronics, multimedia, film, and liturgy and has been performed by Tessa Brinkman, Trio Angelico, Athanasios Zervas, Rodrigo Baggio, the High Point University Chamber Singers, and the Louisiana Sinfonietta, among others. He scored his first film music in the “News on the March” segment for the full-length documentary film, Tarzan, Lord of the Louisiana Jungle, and Chromesthesia, for fixed media, was screened in Mexico City for the 2016 MUSLAB festival. He is strongly attracted to the connections between sound and image and has an abiding love for counterpoint, no matter the genre or tonality.



Chromesthesia is a type of synesthesia, and loosely defined, is an involuntary neurological association between sounds and colors. I am not a chromesthesiac-my associations are voluntary and imagined. Employing these imagined connections between sound and color, and influenced by the general aesthetic of musique concrète, I have distorted and manipulated images of real objects and recordings of real sounds to create new images and sounds. Standard techniques of orchestration and composition have been used to create layers of both sound and imag

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Though the title contains no extra-musical references, this piece began with my impressions of the first snow my wife and I experienced after moving to North Carolina. It begins quietly with light staccato notes falling onto a texture of glockenspiel and bowed vibraphone, and progresses towards greater activity, with a final brief return to the original texture. The video accompanying the music is abstract and precisely timed to the music, requiring the use of a click-track by the conductor.

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Three Atonal Pieces For Piano

Three Atonal Pieces For Piano, performed here by Louis Wendt, consists of three short freely atonal movements unbound by tonality, but bound by tone and large-scale rhythmic structure.

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