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David Eisenband

Eugene, OR   

David Eisenband (b. 1987) is a composer, choral singer, and teacher based in Eugene, OR.  David is currently a graduate student in composition at the University of Oregon, where he studies with David Crumb and Robert Kyr.  He is a former director of Sospiro, a chamber choir that specializes in performing new vocal works.  Originally from Atlanta, GA, David came to Eugene in 2011 after attending Duke University, where he earned a B.A. in music and English.  While attending Duke, David won the Henry Schuman Music Prize for his song cycle Six Songs of Emily Dickinson.  

Three Dances: for string quartet

I wrote “Three Dances” in the Spring of 2012 to be performed at the Wintergreen Summer Music Festival in Wintergreen, VA. The first movement uses a modified blues form, the second features the bowing technique bariolage, and the third is an uplifting finale. I structured the piece so that the first violin gets an extensive soloistic part in the 1st movement, the viola gets one in the in the 2nd, and the second violin and cello both get theirs in the 3rd movement. This recording is performed by the Crawfords Climb String Quartet.

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Nebraska, Early March

The poem “Nebraska, Early March” is by William Kloefkorn (1932 – 2011). I love its everyday language as well as its essential meaning: beauty in minute, everyday things. The text describes a series of beautiful minutiae, transitioning from a pastoral landscape to a scene of human love, all of which the singer expresses in a mood of contented wonderment. The cello helps guide our attention to the final scene. The song was premiered in 2013 by soprano Esteli Gomez and cellist Kelly Quesada of the Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (ECCE).

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Who has seen the wind?

Text by Sara Teasdale (1884 – 1933). Performed by the American Creators Chorus/Craig Hella Johnson at the 2013 Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium.

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